Step Out In An Olds

You’re certain to be the center of attraction… when you step out in an Olds.
For owning an Olds sets you apart as someone special. And naturally so.

Wow, look at that fabulous 1957 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket 88 Holiday Coupé! Cars don’t come in that size any more. Or that color, which is too bad. A Prius or a Smart might only be the size of this car’s hood, but they’d still look awesome in this shade of mint sherbet green. Enjoy the sculptured lines of this car. The tasteful use of chrome. The beautiful floor-to-ceiling, wall-size windows of that Barbie Dream House. And look how happy the party-goers are!

Wait a minute.

What the hell are these people doing? Ms. Britches and I tried to piece it all together. The pretty blonde gal in the lilac dress? She just hit her knee, hard, against that giant, steel car door. But she’s so drunk as to think it’s funny (until that bruise shows up tomorrow). The two men in sportcoats are checking the time, desperate to get their wives home before they drink even more, because these women have to be in good enough shape to make a fresh, delicious pot of coffee in the morning, as well as eggs and bacon and toast. It just won’t do, to have the girls moaning and groaning with hangovers. And how about that amputee hunchback lurching toward the car? She’s… Um she’s… Well, we couldn’t decide what the hell she’s doing.

What do you think?



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5 responses to “Step Out In An Olds

  1. Mandelion17

    I think the artist wanted us all to focus on the car, not the background. :) That being said, where the hell did the car come from? How did it get parked face-out when the house is directly behind it? Did he back in with that behemouth? Or did he do a 6,000 point turn? I bet the hunchback chick was pushing a broom and then they painted it out. But, don’t ask me why she was pushing a broom at the bbq, unless someone dropped their martini class on the step in their rush to see the new Olds. . .

  2. Marge

    From her apron she’s clearly the maid (someone has to keep those windows clean). She’s waving goodbye but everyone is ignoring her because she’s got no hand.

    I’m curious about the package under the arm of the angry-looking man in the white suit.

  3. I think she has to pee so is leaning over pretending to look for a dropped earring so she doesn’t pee her pants. Pretty soon she will have to squat down or make a mad dash to the ladies.

  4. Carrie

    I think the lady with the apron is trying to get her small dog to go to her but he’s too busy peeing on the back tire. And I think the hot mess in the lavender dress just flashed the driver her goodies so that he’ll give her a ride. Dirty dirty ho.

  5. Nick


    These comments are a riot!!!
    I can’t stop laughing… seriously, you girls crack me up!

    Okay…. Settling down now….

    My question is; why the fuck does this family have two kitchens and a BBQ… theys some hungry mother fuckers in that house, Yo!

    Also… I think that guy just rolled up on the party… He doesn’t know any of those people… probably slinging crack cocaine, in that super fly, pimp-mobile…

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