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something rad this way comes

A couple of times, I mentioned to people that I was delusional for thinking I could sew a dress in time for a New Year’s Eve party tomorrow night. But I did it! It’s not 100% perfect, but I’d give it a 95% 90% for accuracy. At the very least, it looks good.


The opening scene outfits from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, my inspiration.

I even found gorgeous red satin pumps at the last minute, AND they were on sale. With that kind of omen, who am I to give up on the dress? ;) Unfortunately, the hours I spent sewing were hours that could have been spent straightening up the house, which was still in the throes of Gift Wrapping Explosion and generic I’m A Slob in addition to Hey, I’m Trying To Sew Here. Erin, bless her festive soul, came over for a few hours to help me sort things out and she did an AMAZING job of decorating the living room. That girl is a wiz with a spool of ribbon and a string of fairy lights. Also, she has developed a spring cleaning plan for organizing my basement with SHELVES instead of my “method” of scattering everything on the floor in vaguely organized piles. Shelves. Who’d have thought? I’m excited to get that room back as living space.

I’m also excited for tomorrow’s party. Even if the house isn’t perfect, even if I forget to serve some of the food (or if I can’t find enough serving platters/space for all the food), the best part of a party is the guest list. And, hopefully, the spendy Champagne (because the party has a Vintage Hollywood theme, and “sparkling wine” just wouldn’t do).

I think it’s safe to assume that I won’t be posting again before next midnight, so best wishes to all for a safe, festive holiday and an auspicious new year!


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couldn’t be better

We made it home safely, and I was greeted by a deluge of Christmas cards in my mailbox. I feel a little bad, as some of the cards came from people I didn’t send to this year, but the overall feeling is of joy to hear from friends and acquaintances scattered all over the country. And, timber sent me a new mix CD titled simply “post modern” which I can only imagine will be as good as or better than his Kit-ten, PUNK|’SNOT|DEAD, and (star) mixes.

The house is a wreck, the cats are needy, and Scott is coming back over to watch Fight Club so I should be off. Hope all y’all had a great holiday!


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mmmm, holiday food

Todd, master of all things Bloody Mary/Maria, came over for breakfast today. Next time, I’ll try to remember to eat something BEFORE drinking one of Todd’s bloodies. It’s a little odd to be that tipsy before 10am. However, it’s entirely possible that it was the tequila that inspired Marci to cook up a batch of macadamia shrimp as our “breakfast appetizer,” and the shrimp was tasty. Also, the recipe is mighty easy and I might maaaaybe add it to my otherwise vegetarian New Year’s Eve menu.

From the shrimp, we moved on to homemade biscuits and gravy (and fried eggs and fruit salad) and good conversation. And a bit of tail wagging and good-natured begging under the table from Dexter and Star.

Dinner was at the home of some friends of M&D’s, with lots of raucous laughter and the food… oh, my, the food. Suzanne brought a ton of cheese (dill havarti, horseradish Cheddar, herbed chevre, and a baked brie), which we managed to plow through while watching Robert and Martha prep dinner. We were stuffed with cheese just in time to sit down to a fabulous meal of Marci’s prime rib and Yorkshire puddings, plus carrots sautéed with butter and shallots, a hash of Brussels sprouts, bacon, and pistachios, whipped horseradish potatoes, and a leafy salad. And, while we were eating, the oven was still working for us, this time on a wonderful pear tart with a frangipane-like almond crust, and a magic sticky-toffee pudding that Robert, a Brit, gleefully added to the mix. And a big bowl of whipped cream, of course. I will admit here: I don’t much care for toffee pudding, but this one was excellent and I hope to make it myself some time soonishy.

I shall sleep tonight feeling warm and full of good food and better friends.

Tomorrow, we say our sad goodbyes and head back to Colorado, weather permitting. Fingers are crossed!

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merry christmas, everyone

We’ll soon be making Thermoses (Thermi?) of spiked cocoa to take with us on our annual Christmas Eve walk up Canyon Road, shivering and singing snippets of carols and gazing at the farolitas lining the road and the buildings. Dinner in town will follow.

Best wishes for a lovely night for all.

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an ode to Christmas travel

I haven’t wrapped,
I haven’t sewed,
I haven’t packed,
I hope the road’s not closed.

The snowy crystals
Are pretty in the air,
But they might wreak havoc
With getting There.

Many thanks to Scott
And his 4WD,
I have no doubt
We’ll get there alive.

Now it’s off to wrap,
And sew,
And pack,
I’ll see you all when I get back.

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