mmmm, holiday food

Todd, master of all things Bloody Mary/Maria, came over for breakfast today. Next time, I’ll try to remember to eat something BEFORE drinking one of Todd’s bloodies. It’s a little odd to be that tipsy before 10am. However, it’s entirely possible that it was the tequila that inspired Marci to cook up a batch of macadamia shrimp as our “breakfast appetizer,” and the shrimp was tasty. Also, the recipe is mighty easy and I might maaaaybe add it to my otherwise vegetarian New Year’s Eve menu.

From the shrimp, we moved on to homemade biscuits and gravy (and fried eggs and fruit salad) and good conversation. And a bit of tail wagging and good-natured begging under the table from Dexter and Star.

Dinner was at the home of some friends of M&D’s, with lots of raucous laughter and the food… oh, my, the food. Suzanne brought a ton of cheese (dill havarti, horseradish Cheddar, herbed chevre, and a baked brie), which we managed to plow through while watching Robert and Martha prep dinner. We were stuffed with cheese just in time to sit down to a fabulous meal of Marci’s prime rib and Yorkshire puddings, plus carrots sautéed with butter and shallots, a hash of Brussels sprouts, bacon, and pistachios, whipped horseradish potatoes, and a leafy salad. And, while we were eating, the oven was still working for us, this time on a wonderful pear tart with a frangipane-like almond crust, and a magic sticky-toffee pudding that Robert, a Brit, gleefully added to the mix. And a big bowl of whipped cream, of course. I will admit here: I don’t much care for toffee pudding, but this one was excellent and I hope to make it myself some time soonishy.

I shall sleep tonight feeling warm and full of good food and better friends.

Tomorrow, we say our sad goodbyes and head back to Colorado, weather permitting. Fingers are crossed!


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