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Take A Look-See: Can you guess the product?

Model Mother, Good Housekeeping magazine, March 1948

What could this 1948 photo be advertising? The beautiful dress? Perfume? Hair color? Here’s the headline (and subhead) of the ad.

What does it take to be a “Model” Mother? What Betty Brookfield has—two adorable youngsters, a lovely figure—and look at that smile!

Hmm, is the ad for a modeling school? Diet pills? Nope. Here’s the caption for the photo itself:

New note in Fashion Filmy, feathery lace cascades from head to hem in this dramatic gown Betty models for Harzfeld’s…

So, the ad is for Harzfeld’s department store! No, wrong again. Okay, okay, I’m teasing you. Below is the ad in its entirety. It’s for Ipana Tooth Paste!

Ipana Tooth Paste, Good Housekeeping magazine, March 1948

Ipana: Not a fan of the less-is-more school of advertising.



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Cookbook Tuesdays: Metropolitan Life Insurance

Whoops, I missed a week of Take A Peek Wednesdays, where I scan and post some vintage advertising gem. To make up for it, or in other words, completely unrelated, let’s start Cookbook Wednesdays, wherein I feature some or another vintage cookbook in my collection, shall we?

We shall.

Here we have two copies of the Metropolitan Cook Book, graciously provided as freebies  (originally; I had to buy them) by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The one directly below is from February of 1948 and on the back is rubber stamped with the insurance agent’s contact info (Wayne Campbell, 4324 Sheridan, GE. 1893). The foreword states that the recipes included are intended to balance both budget and health, and includes a page or two of recipes to be made with leftover meats. I’m particularly fond of the meal planning advice that “at least two vegetables, in addition to potatoes, should be used in every day’s meals.” Yum! I do love my veg. I also love this blue and red grid design. And look at that lettering!



Below is the June, 1953 edition with The World’s Most Adorable Food on the cover. This edition dismisses with the foreword but is illustrated inside, with more food items so happy to provide you with quality noms. I mean really, have you ever seen happier muffins than those on the cover of this booklet? I should think not.


As usual, clicking on the images will enlargify. Back next week with more! Or tune in tomorrow for some vintage advertising goodness.

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Take a Look-See: Kil-Glare Diffusor

Ach, so many things on my plate! I go away for ONE weekend, and it takes me three days to catch up. I promise new listings in at least one of the shops today (probably Winkorama, as I’ve already done most of the work for those listings), and I’m desperately trying to finish up the new, improved splash page for Yes, the same splash page I started working on back in August, and then stopped working on back in August! To entertain you in the interim…

You say diffusor, I say diffuser. Click image for embiggenating.

I bought this pair of light diffusers at an estate sale yesterday. There’s no date on the packaging, but the address of “Fluorescent Lighting Labs, Bronx 59, N.Y.” indicates that they were made between 1943 and 1963. On the other hand, the bullet lamp graphics already suggested that much. What I can tell you for sure is that I happen to use a twin bullet lamp on my office desk, and when viewed from just the wrong angle, the bulbs provide an unpleasant glare. These clip-on jobbies are the PERFECT solution, and I was thrilled to pick them up for a mere $1. If any more had been available, I’d have grabbed the lot of them. As advertised, it “Enhances Beauty of LAMP.” My lamp’s beauty; it is enhanced.

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Take a Look-See: Premiere Post

While I certainly don’t have a library the size of MyVintageVogue, I do have a respectable stack of old magazines and what I love most about them usually isn’t the articles, but the ads! It’s about time I start sharing some with you guys. Let’s step into the WABAC machine and visit Montgomery Ward during the fall of 1952. (Click on images to see them larger)

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Ta-da! Presenting the thingie what I’ve been so busy working on these last few weeks. Restauranteurs would call this a “cold open,” but I want you guys to be the first to know about Winkorama Vintage Sewing! Sewing patterns (and books and magazines and fabric and notions) from the 1940s to the 1970s… and sometimes beyond! What’s currently listed is just a start; there will be plenty (and I mean PLENTY) more to come. Check back daily!


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