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We’re All Famous

famous |ˈfāməs|
known about by many people : the country is famous for its natural beauty | a famous star.

Everyone is somebody.

Hello, my name is Gillian, and I’m a blogger. When did that happen? At some point, I decided that the thoughts in my head were worth putting out there, to see if anyone else had the same thoughts. In a classic Seinfeldian way, my blog is about Nothing. Which, of course, is Everything. But somebody read it. And commented. I had an audience. And all of a sudden, I was blogging.

Writing for a nearly-live audience is a practiced skill, for sure. I’ve gotten better as I’ve gone along, but I still have a long way to go. Neilochka’s Great Interview Experiment fatefully managed to pair me up with a blogger nearing the retirement of her blogdom. I could learn a few things from Sarah. For one, how to ask questions without sounding like I’m interrogating, rather than interviewing, my subject. But rewriting them after the fact wouldn’t be fair to my readers, or to Sarah, who had to take them on as a full-frontal assault. So here goes:

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shaky apologies

I was going to post my Great Interview Experiment with Sarah of doodah! tonight, but I am still shaking a bit from a harrowing drive home in weather conditions the likes of which I have never seen before, and I JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE IT. Instead of blogging, or working on the smaller size pet tags, or bowling, or doing anything else even remotely productive, I am going to sit in the corner of the sofa with a warm cat and a jumbo bag of (organic corn) Cheetos and watch The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’m off to slum.

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Some of you may have noticed that little link over in my blogroll, the one that reads “tiddleywink jewelry.” Yeah, that’s me. Another hobby of mine. Staying busy, staying out of trouble. I mention somewhere on that site that a lot of my work is commissioned, and this current project is more of the same. A gal at the office volunteers with Colorado Pit Bull Rescue, and she asked if I would consider entering into a partnership with them. They’ll put up a link to my site on their CafePress store, and I’ll give them a cut of the profits from a line of pet tags I design specifically for them.

So here I am, putting my mad skillz to the test. I’m into the retro/rockabilly scene, therefore personalized tattoo charms in the vintage flash style of Sailor Jerry and Ed Hardy seemed like the way to go (and less likely to be a choking hazard like the gemstones could be). The prototype batch I whipped up received approval from the CPBR folks, so the tags are now going live. The large size tag (approximately 1″) is the first round to go up, but I hope to add small (.75″) tags within the next day or so. Each personalized tag costs $4 plus shipping, and $2 from the sale of each tag will be donated to CPBR.

Order your own here. The puppies appreciate it. Look at these faces!



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Hey, lookee there!

In the sidebar! Why, does that say “Cast of Characters”? I wonder if it would answer that nagging question I have about just who the hell these people are?

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Shoes: Blue, Metallic, and Other

Just trying to wrap things up here, folks. If I take too long to post all of these, I’ll wind up with more shoes before I can even finish! The collections contained herein can be seen here, here, and here.

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