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Old Gringo “Atlantic” 2006 (L185-1)

Old Gringo “Atlantic” 2006 (L185-1)

Day 3 of Pair-A-Day of my boots.

I refer to these as my Car Accident Boots. When I received the settlement from my car accident, I decided to blow $800 on four pairs of boots. I got these instead. (No, they were not $800. But they were expensive enough to ruin that plan.) They’re actually very well made (and taller) knockoffs of even more expensive boots. For a long time, I was uncomfortable wearing anything so spendy. It’s been a year, and I’m finally getting over it. Hand cut and hand stitched, soled with lemon-wood pegs. Chocolate brown leather with turquoise and bone inlays. Full scallop, “exterminator” toe.


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Tony Lama “Vintage Pee Wee” 2004 (VF5823)

Tony Lama “Vintage Pee Wee” 2004 (VF5823)

Part II of the pair-a-day blogging of my boot collection.

They’re called Vintage, but they’re really Retro. I’m a stickler for that kind of thing.
These were a Christmas present from my sister. Black leather vamp with standard toe bug, red leather shaft with turquoise daisy inlay and white collar. Full scallop, snip toe.

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Dan Post, ca. 1960

Dan Post, ca. 1960

By special request, my small collection of Western boots (ah, I just call ’em cowboy boots). One pair a day until I run out. On Friday. Like I said, it’s a small collection. I’m working on it.

Tan leather, shallow scallop, “balcony” stitched vamp. These boots were acquired in a trade deal, and I don’t know their provenance. I assumed they were from the ’70s, but a vintage boot dealer who tried to barter them off my feet thinks they’re from the ’50s. For the purpose of this title, I’ve split the difference.


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home again, home again

jiggity jig.

I slept for 10 hours last night. All in a row. I am still tired, but I feel exponentially better. I’ve heard people speak of hallucinations as a side effect of sleep deprivation, but I thought they’d be more interesting. Mine were more like seeing “things” out of the corner of my eye; things big enough to make me look up or over and then finding nothing out of the ordinary. Somewhat like being drunk, scenery would take a moment to catch up to wherever I had shifted my gaze. And on the way to the airport yesterday, there was a car coming down the road in the opposite direction. I sensed that it was going to make a left turn, and that we’d have to slow down just a touch to allow for it… and then the car was gone. No turnoff, no driveway, just a hyper-realistic figment of my imagination. I was very glad that I wasn’t the one driving.

Once home, I had a chance to hang out with my mom for a bit. She is, as one would expect, distraught over the imminent loss of her older brother. I wish there was something I could do to makes things easier for her as she goes through this. Phil is still on his feeding tube, which is really the only thing keeping him alive. It will probably be removed within the next few days. A memorial service will be held in April or May.

changing subjects:

I attended a party this evening that was held in honor of the volunteer staff of movers who transferred Jay and Alison’s belongings from their apartment to their new townhome. It also turned out to also be a sort of celebratory engagement party, as Jay and Alison have agreed to make things legal. Yay for them! Jay taught me how to properly roll maki, and I feel very accomplished. I am confident that I could do it over and over, provided that Jay always makes the rice. My own is never quite right, which has a lot to do with my previous rolling attempts failing miserably. We ended the party with a white elephant gift exchange. My luck with these things is such that I once ended up with a set of candles that I had actually put into the previous year’s exchange (which still pales in comparison to timber once getting a pig calender… for the year that was ending). It’s possible that my luck is changing, though… I wound up with a set of black handcuffs this time around, and they’ll make a kick-ass belt buckle if nothing else.

The evening ended with Timerin swinging by my place for our own personal gift exchange, and so Tim could relight my furnace which had gone out earlier in the day. Who needs a husband when I can borrow other people’s? They seemed genuinely pleased with their gifties, and in addition to the terrific necklace and beautiful bag that Erin found for me, she knit me a drop-dead gorgeous scarf that perfectly complements my color-shifting winter jacket.

Even if my furnace was DOA, I’d be warm from happiness. Many thanks go out to my wonderful friends.

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being a critical bitch

Shhh. Be very quiet. There’s another woman in the client lounge with me, I assume also here for a press check. She weighs about 100 pounds, is wearing skinny-jeans tucked into just-below-the-knee, high-heeled, brown leather boots, a perfectly fitted white turtleneck sweater, and she has flawless hair. She has spread her belongings out on a nearby table, and is surrounded by, among other things, a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, her VW key fob, and some Clinique cosmetics. She is her own walking, talking, marketing cliche. It’s as if she is trying to single-handedly represent her demographic. Since I myself am somewhat clumsy and coarse, I find her Elle Finishing School look very amusing. Also, she has mouse-clicked her way across the world and back without ever touching her keyboard. I think a few of my readers will understand why I find that exasperating.

(I would have properly written “cliche” with the correct accent mark if I had any idea how to do it in Windows)


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Uncle Phil

Many thanks to all of you who have offered kind words regarding my uncle’s health. The future does not look bright; the doctors believe that if Phil’s feeding tube is removed now, he won’t survive the weekend. My cousin is now faced with the most difficult decision he’ll likely ever have to make, and my heart breaks for him, as well as for my mom and my uncle Ted. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be for me to lose my sister or one of my parents.

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answering a question

Drew wisely asks, in a roundabout way, “If you’re so starved for sleep, why are you posting to your blog so much?”

My answer: Because I do have some down time between a lot of these checks, but it’s often only an estimated 20 minutes. I’ve learned that 20 minutes can usually mean an hour, but sometimes it turns out to actually mean 20 minutes. Not long enough to go back to the hotel and grab any meaningful shut-eye. There’s a very comfortable sofa at the printing plant, but the overhead intercom is very active and not conducive to napping. Also, I reach a point of being punch-drunk, and it can become difficult to actually fall asleep. Knowing that the phone is about to ring doesn’t make it any easier. So I stay awake during the shorter breaks. (On the other side of this coin, a one-hour break that I tried to nap through yesterday turned out to only be half an hour. It’s an uphill battle.) There’s a computer set up in the printing company’s client lounge, so I check my mail and I write bits and pieces of blog posts while I’m waiting for one press or another to be ready for me. Because WordPress auto saves, I can start a post on my laptop and finish it up in the lounge, or vice versa. This post, for instance, has taken (so far) three different rounds of attention over the course of a few hours.

And now it’s time to hit the button that says “Publish.”


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