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Corral Boots “Vintage Lizard Overlay” 2007 (C2108)

Final installment of Pair A Day: Cowboy Boots.

This is the pair that finished out the Car Accident Boots budget. After visits to numerous boot shops (including two stops to Back At The Ranch, my most favorite of all boot stores) looking for The Perfect Black Boots, I finally found these. I overpaid at Western Warehouse; try your luck at National Roper Supply instead. Distressed charcoal grey goatskin with black Teju lizard inlay. An interesting floral pattern etched into the leather. Double-dip scallop, X toe. Killer. I wear these ALL THE TIME.

EDIT 12/22/08: This popular post is now a year old, and NRS is all out of Corral boots. Head to Sheplers for a healthy selection.

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Steve Madden ca. 2005

Steve Madden ca. 2005

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Steve Madden? Seriously? Seriously. Emerald green leather, decorative butterfly-inspired stitching on vamp and shaft. Last pair in the store, the staff were under the impression the size was mis-marked, They were. And they happen to be a perfect fit for me. Snapped them up for TEN DOLLARS. L toe.

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Old Gringo “Atlantic” 2006 (L185-1)

Old Gringo “Atlantic” 2006 (L185-1)

Day 3 of Pair-A-Day of my boots.

I refer to these as my Car Accident Boots. When I received the settlement from my car accident, I decided to blow $800 on four pairs of boots. I got these instead. (No, they were not $800. But they were expensive enough to ruin that plan.) They’re actually very well made (and taller) knockoffs of even more expensive boots. For a long time, I was uncomfortable wearing anything so spendy. It’s been a year, and I’m finally getting over it. Hand cut and hand stitched, soled with lemon-wood pegs. Chocolate brown leather with turquoise and bone inlays. Full scallop, “exterminator” toe.


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Tony Lama “Vintage Pee Wee” 2004 (VF5823)

Tony Lama “Vintage Pee Wee” 2004 (VF5823)

Part II of the pair-a-day blogging of my boot collection.

They’re called Vintage, but they’re really Retro. I’m a stickler for that kind of thing.
These were a Christmas present from my sister. Black leather vamp with standard toe bug, red leather shaft with turquoise daisy inlay and white collar. Full scallop, snip toe.

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Dan Post, ca. 1960

Dan Post, ca. 1960

By special request, my small collection of Western boots (ah, I just call ’em cowboy boots). One pair a day until I run out. On Friday. Like I said, it’s a small collection. I’m working on it.

Tan leather, shallow scallop, “balcony” stitched vamp. These boots were acquired in a trade deal, and I don’t know their provenance. I assumed they were from the ’70s, but a vintage boot dealer who tried to barter them off my feet thinks they’re from the ’50s. For the purpose of this title, I’ve split the difference.


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