Dan Post, ca. 1960

Dan Post, ca. 1960

By special request, my small collection of Western boots (ah, I just call ’em cowboy boots). One pair a day until I run out. On Friday. Like I said, it’s a small collection. I’m working on it.

Tan leather, shallow scallop, “balcony” stitched vamp. These boots were acquired in a trade deal, and I don’t know their provenance. I assumed they were from the ’70s, but a vintage boot dealer who tried to barter them off my feet thinks they’re from the ’50s. For the purpose of this title, I’ve split the difference.



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2 responses to “Dan Post, ca. 1960

  1. Carrie

    So it looks like a trip to L.A. is in order if you’re lookin’ for cowboy boots little lady. They sell vintage boots at the flea market every weekend that go on for miles and they’re only like 10 to 15 bucks a pair. No joke.

  2. Okay, L.A. now how a total of TWO things going for it. Carrie’s presence, and cheap cowboy boots.

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