Old Gringo “Atlantic” 2006 (L185-1)

Old Gringo “Atlantic” 2006 (L185-1)

Day 3 of Pair-A-Day of my boots.

I refer to these as my Car Accident Boots. When I received the settlement from my car accident, I decided to blow $800 on four pairs of boots. I got these instead. (No, they were not $800. But they were expensive enough to ruin that plan.) They’re actually very well made (and taller) knockoffs of even more expensive boots. For a long time, I was uncomfortable wearing anything so spendy. It’s been a year, and I’m finally getting over it. Hand cut and hand stitched, soled with lemon-wood pegs. Chocolate brown leather with turquoise and bone inlays. Full scallop, “exterminator” toe.


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4 responses to “Old Gringo “Atlantic” 2006 (L185-1)

  1. Carrie

    Oooh…I think this is my favorite pair so far. Is anyone else enjoying this like I am?

  2. Mandy

    I was there! I was there!

  3. Um, for anyone who couldn’t figure that out, Mandy means she was with me when I bought them.

  4. Mandy

    Thanks for clarifying. I thought of that after the fact. . .

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