Halloween Checkpoint

Costume One
Total spent to date: $81 (!)
Still need to buy: footwear
Remaining work: finish sewing costume; practice makeup; build/practice headwear

Costume Two
Total spent to date: $13
Still need to buy: fabric for costume, fabric for accessories, trim for accessories, spray paint
Remaining work: sew costume, sew accessories, cast/sculpt/paint jewelry



Filed under Halloween, holidays, sewing

3 responses to “Halloween Checkpoint

  1. Yes indeed, my lamest post ever. I’ll fill in some details next time.

  2. ha ha. Not lame. Reminds me I need to get my ass in gear.

  3. Nick

    No way!!!

    Those two words rule!!!

    Halloween = Tooth decay and free candy…

    Checkpoint = the most kick ass word you could ever read on the original arcade version of Pole Position!!!!

    Halloween Checkpoint is the best around!!!!

    (Nothings ever gonna bring it down…)

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