Shoes: Black

Part One of a series of posts dedicated to LindaMarieLouWho. Today, I discuss Shoes That Are Black. Full-size images can be seen here.

cimg2595.jpg Ballet flats. My second pair of black ballet flats. Wore out the first pair, and on my way to wearing out this pair. Traipsed around Europe in these.

cimg2598.jpg Faux-lizard kitten heels. Hey, these are kinda cute. I should wear them more often.

cimg2603.jpg Contrast-stitch mules. Hmmm… think I’ll get rid of these.

cimg2604.jpg Satin mules. Worn once, as part of my 18th C. Parisian Aristocracy costume (dammit, I was NOT Marie Antoinette!)

cimg2607.jpg Satin ribbons. Worn to two Christmas parties and a Valentine’s Day party.

cimg2602.jpg Cork wedges. These wound up being my comfy shoes at VLV10.

cimg2614.jpg Peep-toe platform wedges. Megan discovered these in red, but was gracious enough to let me buy them in black. Likely to be my comfy shoes at VLV11.

cimg2601.jpg Joe’s t-straps. Joe made me buy these. He used that tone of voice that meant that “no” wasn’t an option. I love a man who loves shoes!

cimg2600.jpg Satin Mary Janes. Pretty basic. Not much to add.

cimg2605.jpg Peep-toe Mary Janes. I love the asymmetrical strap!

cimg2612.jpg Patent Mary Janes. These have a terrific heel. I couldn’t pass them up.

cimg2608.jpg Peep-toe wedges. Was once stopped on the street by a (drunk?) woman who exclaimed that these shoes were cute, and made me look like Bettie Page. Cool!

cimg2609.jpg Bettie pumps. Basic. Classic.

cimg2610.jpg Stilettos. The shoes I was wearing (or rather, wasn’t wearing) poolside when I met My Pal Nick.

cimg2611.jpg Sweetheart pumps. Those little polka-dots are actually tiny hearts. I’m looking for matching fabric so I can sew an outrageously cute outfit to go with these shoes.

cimg2613.jpg Oxford booties. Oooh, so sorry that I didn’t brush off the suede for the photo. I find these sexy and dowdy all at the same time.

cimg2626.jpg Platform wedge clogs. This is a pair that I looked at for a good, long time before finally buying. I have since become less angsty about feeding my habit.



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7 responses to “Shoes: Black

  1. e

    I love ALL the mary janes. I love a good strap…

  2. Linda Clouser

    K..Flats(shoe number 1) Not my favorite type of shoes but very jealous of those girls who can pull it off. Looks like you can.

    Shoe #2 same as above…

    #3 mules..Definitely got to go.

    Sucker for ALL Mary Janes…even flat ones.

    Love Joe’s T straps too

    The clogs they are cool. I have been eyeing a pair myself…

    I think I will do the same with my shoes….need to take an inventory and a look at them…

    Oh and the oxford booties…they are great. I love the fem/man shoe look. Very Diane Keeton or Katherine Hepburn.

  3. I think you need a pair of black Chuck Taylors to round out your absolutely awesome collection.

  4. Jennifer — I’m wearing lo-top black Chucks right now, but I wasn’t including sneakers or boots in the roundup. I already appear to have issues, and I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. :)

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  6. Hey! I need your email address! For the interview!

  7. Mandy

    Kitten heels. Totally Audrey.

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