Tough Shit

I just saw an ad on television for ‘Charmin Ultra Strong’ toilet paper. In the ad, the strength of the new toilet paper is demonstrated by dragging what appears to be a brick across what might be sandpaper, using toilet paper as the “sled.” While the competing brand shreds under the force, the Charmin Ultra Strong survives unscathed. I could have the details of the actual test wrong, I wasn’t paying very close attention.

But I did wonder: Has there really been a public outcry for stronger toilet paper? Because I’m thinking, if you’re having problems with your toilet paper shredding during use, perhaps your issue isn’t with the toilet paper.



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6 responses to “Tough Shit

  1. I wondered the EXACT same thing when I saw the Charmin commercial advertising “your choice” between ultra strong or ultra soft.

  2. e

    I have one word for you… dentata. Look it up. :)

  3. That Charmin commercial with the racing bears, straining to make it to the outhouses in time? 1) Since when do bears use outhouses? Sort of takes the “oomph” out of the age old “Does a bear sh*t in the woods?” comeback. And 2) Since when do bears use toilet paper?

    I think I’m interviewing you! Are you game?

  4. I’m game! Gee, I hope I come across as clever and witty. :)

  5. Marge

    Dude, do I know you? I feel like I do. I probably don’t but I like your writing.
    That little WordPress feature that lets me browse random blogs brought me to you.
    Even the blogosphere is a small world.
    I’m in Denver.
    I too was perplexed by the Charmin commercials.
    My man and I have been in search of diner pie for several years now. There used to be just the place with the perfect pie called Lufie’s but they closed :( . There’s a little hole-in-the-wall in Bennett but it’s still just so-so. Have you noticed? All but one of the Marie Calendars in the area closed too. It’s a conspiracy. Some time if you want an adventure go to Empire, CO and check out Lewis’ Sweet Shop.
    I noticed one of your posts was titled “couldn’t be better” – have you read “Stanley & Rhoda” by Rosemary Wells? (kiddie book). Made me think of that.
    Keep writing, I’ll be lurking around :)

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