Shoes: Animal Prints

Day Two of my catalog of shoes. Don’t you all worry your pretty little heads, yesterday’s Black category was the largest. Oh, and I forgot to include a pair, so yesterday’s post has been updated to reflect the orphaned pair of “tattooed” platform wedge clogs.Okay, here we go (fetishists and fashionistas can see full-size versions here):

cimg2636.jpg Leopard ballet flats. Not quite as all-purpose as my black ballet flats. :)

cimg2635.jpg Outrageous leopard t-straps. Green suede t-straps on wholly unnatural leopard-print wedges (set with blue rhinestones!). Joe drools a little bit when I wear these.

cimg2634.jpg Zebradrilles. Cute, simple, Summery shoes.

cimg2633.jpg Leopard peep-toe wedges. I wish these were a skosh more comfortable.


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