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Prominent Designer Series: part 10

Ta-da! We’ve reached the 10th and final installment of this here Prominent Designer Series of vintage sewing pattern illustrations. Our final day brings us dresses designed by Alan Phillips, designer “for the well known house of Rembrandt,” and John Weitz, winner of the 1959 Designer of the Year award for his achievements in designing sportswear. Weitz also won the prestigious Coty Award in 1974. His men’s style book, Man in Charge: The Executive’s Guide to Grooming, Manners, and Travel, made bestseller lists the same year.

Alan Phillips M380 – Dress and jacket (1960)

John Weitz A723 – Easy to sew, drawstring waist dress

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Tune in next time, when we bring you, ah, something! There’s a delicious recipe in store for Monday. À bientôt!


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Prominent Designer Series: part 9

We’re almost at the end of our Prominent Designer Series, folks! Just a few more vintage sewing pattern illustrations for you to admire, study, search for to add to your own collections. Showcased today are dresses by Harmay, Don Loper, and Mr. Mort. The only archival information I can find for today’s patterns is the original 1960 “advertorial” for the Mr. Mort pattern:

Mr. Mort’s Day-to-Dinner Success Is Crisp in Cotton, Gala in Silk
From Mr. Mort—favorite designer of America’s young fashionables—comes a gay, full-skirted dress that “takes” to almost any fabric. For a crisply-pretty sun style, sew it in handkerchief pique, dacron, cotton, or linen. For evening, choose gleaming silk or shantung.
Little straps join to a deeply scooped camisole that molds closely to your figure above a wide belt and whirling skirt. It’s truly a lighthearted, feminine, flattering style. And it’s so delightfully easy to sew that we suggest you make both a day and an evening version. If you wish, fill one of the pockets with a bouquet of daisies. Hurry, take out pen and paper—send for your Printed Pattern exclusively through this newspaper now!

Harmay A732 – Pretty sun or city costume

Don Loper M247 – Shapely sheath with flattering neckline

Mr. Mort A999 – Full-skirted style for day or evening

And, as always, click on each image to see it magnificated.

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Prominent Designer Series: part 8

Omigourd, do you follow the Tiddleywink Vintage fan page? Did you read about my altercation last night with a persistent Attack Centipede? Hor. Ri. Fying.

And with that interruption finished, back to our show! Today highlights sewing pattern designs by Esterel, Estévez, and Ed Gerrick. It’s not often that we run into a dress designer named Ed! Ed, it turns out, was a specialist in designing dresses for fuller figures. “Ed Gerrick has a definite touch of genius, exhibited everytime [sic] he designs clothes for the mature woman with mature measurements.” – The Deseret News, Apr 9, 1959. Notice that his pattern design starts at a size 12-1/2 (that would have been a 27″ waist) and goes up to a 22-1/2 (37.5″ waist). Those are definitely Plus sizes!*

Do I really need to tell you that clicking the images will open them biggererer?

Esterel A537 – Sun and fun dress

Est̩vez M130 РDaytime or evening dress

Ed Gerrick A528 – Eye-catching capelet costume

*Yes yes yes, you can find larger sizes from the period. They are, however, rare and were specialized cases. The largest size I can find in a Sears catalog of the time is a 20, but most of the dresses only go up to a 16 or 18. A more generic “large” of the time fit a 30-32″ waist, and Sears didn’t readily offer anything bigger. If you couldn’t get your size at Sears, the mail-order-for-everyone source, you were really looking for specialty departments!

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Prominent Designer Series: part 7

Aaaand we’re back! Today’s installment of sewing pattern illustrations comes to us from actress and singer Polly Bergen, the ever-elegant Mr. Blackwell, and our two-fer pal from last week, Oleg Cassini. Bonus feature today: the original newspaper ads for these patterns! Clicking on any of the images will bigger them.

Polly Bergen A887 – Reversible jacket ensemble

newspaper ad, 1961

Mr. Blackwell A548 – Sheath and circular cape-coat

newspaper ad, 1960

Oleg Cassini A552 – Shapely sheath

newspaper ad, 1961


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Prominent Designer Series: part 6

…or, Volume 2, part 1.

Today’s installment of the Prominent Designer Series brings us three different sewing patterns by Ardanti, all ensembles. As always, click on any image to see it largerated. Enjoy!

Ardanti M274 – Three-piece ensemble

Ardanti A854 – Dress, jacket ensemble

Ardanti M122 – Jacket costume

Tune in tomorrow (and all this week) for more in the series!

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