Prominent Designer Series: part 9

We’re almost at the end of our Prominent Designer Series, folks! Just a few more vintage sewing pattern illustrations for you to admire, study, search for to add to your own collections. Showcased today are dresses by Harmay, Don Loper, and Mr. Mort. The only archival information I can find for today’s patterns is the original 1960 “advertorial” for the Mr. Mort pattern:

Mr. Mort’s Day-to-Dinner Success Is Crisp in Cotton, Gala in Silk
From Mr. Mort—favorite designer of America’s young fashionables—comes a gay, full-skirted dress that “takes” to almost any fabric. For a crisply-pretty sun style, sew it in handkerchief pique, dacron, cotton, or linen. For evening, choose gleaming silk or shantung.
Little straps join to a deeply scooped camisole that molds closely to your figure above a wide belt and whirling skirt. It’s truly a lighthearted, feminine, flattering style. And it’s so delightfully easy to sew that we suggest you make both a day and an evening version. If you wish, fill one of the pockets with a bouquet of daisies. Hurry, take out pen and paper—send for your Printed Pattern exclusively through this newspaper now!

Harmay A732 – Pretty sun or city costume

Don Loper M247 – Shapely sheath with flattering neckline

Mr. Mort A999 – Full-skirted style for day or evening

And, as always, click on each image to see it magnificated.


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