Cookbook Challenge: Doing My Part

Okay, folks, I have taken on and completed my portion of last week’s Cookbook Challenge, the long-waiting Ketchup In Dessert from a 1956 ad for Heinz Ketchup.

First, we start off with some tart, green Granny Smith apples.

Apples: both tart and green

We peel them, slice them, and arrange them in a shallow, buttered baking dish.

Next, we mix up some ketchup and lemon juice.

It's organic, baby.

And then, um, pour it over the apples. (NOTE: I’m using a vintage aluminum pie pan because I forgot that you’re not supposed to mix tomatoes and aluminum until after I’d poured and I wasn’t going to dirty an extra baking dish, but there was very little contact and everything survived. Still: do as I say, and not as I do.)

Appetizing, no?

Still with me? Good! Now we mix up some flour/sugar/cinnamon/butter into a fine crumb.


And top the apples with it.

Ketchup: Masked!

Bake bake bake bake…hey, the kitchen smells pretty good!

Looks unassuming, eh?

Time to serve!

Nobody will ever know.

VERDICT: It was actually pretty good. The ketchup adds an interesting flavor note that your guests would be hard-pressed to put their finger on, but is in no way overpowering or, well, ketchup-y. If making this again, I would stir the ketchup thoroughly into the apples before pouring them into the baking dish, to better distribute the color. It’s a bit jarring to see that streak of red just under the crumbs!

Now it’s your turn: A winner will be selected on the 11th! Get on it!



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