Vogue 9996: Completion

On Thursday, I started to work on Vogue 9996, view A. I realized that I was missing 6 of the pattern pieces (the entire top and 1 leg facing), and set about redrafting them from a scan of the pattern layout.

On Saturday, I had just sewn the very last piece.


Although I had already clipped the seam before realizing my error, I was able to remove the stitching and sew it back on properly without issue. In fact, I finished up in time to attend a party to say good-bye to a friend of mine who is moving to California (and positively glowing about it), and was ready to bring it to a shoot I had set up for Sunday, where the photogs and I would be shooting my stash of vintage swimsuits for the shop. But things happen, and plans go awry, and we’ll be shooting all of the swimsuits next weekend instead.

However, I didn’t want you to think that it was taking me a week to get back in the saddle on this one, so below is the least-unflattering self-portrait-with-my-pocket-cam that I managed to take. I think the project turned out pretty well, actually, and I encourage praise.



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13 responses to “Vogue 9996: Completion

  1. Ahhhh! So cute! I am very impressed.

  2. That’s fantastic! I have a few vintage swim/playsuit patterns and I’ve always wondered what they might really look like – I love it! Maybe I’ll even make one this year!

  3. Mandelion

    Very, very, very cute!!!

  4. well done you! it looks fabulous and YOU look fabulous!

  5. LOVE it! I’m hankering to do a vintage swim suite too; yours is perfect!

  6. It looks lovely and you redrafted pieces from the pattern diagram…amazing.

  7. WOW! That is FANTASTIC! I love it! You look smashing!

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  9. I have been remiss at visiting your blog. I’m sorry that is the case, but I’m stopping by to lavish you with praise. Your swimsuit IS UNREAL!! I love it. You are so #1!

  10. MayaDevi

    Hello! So glad I found this blog, the bathing suit looks amazing. I was wondering if you could share your insights about scaling the scan of the pattern layout to a real size.. How did you do that? I have the same problem with another pattern, and would really appreciate the steps..:)

    • MayaDevi, Thank you so much for your kind words! My “method” was rather simplistic, but I’ll write up a quick post about it in case it can help you, or anyone else, out of a similar jam. Watch this space! :)

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