Vogue 9996: Update

When I left you on Thursday, I was drafting the missing pieces of Vogue 9996 by scanning the pattern layout and scaling up based on the dimensions of the pieces I had. Imperfect, but easier than drafting from scratch! Everything went well with that, and here are a few notes as I near completion of the project:

  1. I should have chosen a black lining to better match the black fabric. Even after ironing, the “nude” lining peeks out a smidge on the top and it bothers me.
  2. I made a conscious decision to leave out the elastic from the leg openings. It seemed unnecessary and potentially uncomfortable.
  3. I also decided to leave off the teensy bow from the center of the top. I think turning such a small tube would be frustrating, and I suspect that the bow would keep going sideways anyway.
  4. It’s very difficult, no, impossible, to determine proper button placement without a me-size dress form. I will ask Megan for assistance when I see her tomorrow.
  5. Modern nylon zippers don’t carry the flesh-catching danger of their metal grandparents, so I left off the flesh-protecting zipper flap.
  6. Everything was coming together surprisingly well. As I write this, all I have left to sew is the facing for one leg opening. And because there were no mistakes anywhere else in this project… I have, in fact, already sewn on this one last piece. And I attached it backwards. And already trimmed the seam. So I’m stepping away to calm down, I’m taking a few moments to write this, and I’ll be going back to calmly remove the seam and very carefully reattach the facing to the proper side of the opening.

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  1. Oh god, #6 is my nightmare. Good luck!

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