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Two Things, One Post

Thing One

I’ve been in a long-overdue barrette making frenzy, when I ran out of the barrette bases. That’s okay, I need to run over to the County Workforce Center, and Hobby Lobby is right next door. The trip went something (exactly) like this:

(interior, Hobby Lobby. Heroine has bag of 24 barrette blanks in hand.) Shoot, they’re not on sale this week. Which means they wind up being cheaper from Dollar Tree. I’ll get them there instead.

(interior, JoAnn. Heroine has bag of 8 barrette blanks in hand.) Shoot, they’re not on sale here either. I’ll get these buttons that I need, but the barrettes are cheaper at Dollar Tree AND Hobby Lobby.

(interior, Dollar Tree. Heroine getting pouty.) Shoot, no more barrettes. I guess it’s back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow. ::grrrr::

Thing Two

Dollar Tree has started carrying a wider selection of foodstuffs, in order to qualify to accept ever-more-present food stamps. Cookies and chips have been supplemented with bologna and frozen veggies… and scallops. Wild-caught (according to the packaging) bay scallops, packed 4 ounces at a time, frozen. Curious, I splurged with a dollar. I sautéed them in a nonstick pan with teensy bit of olive oil and a healthy shake of Stubb’s rosemary-ginger rub, then tossed them over steamed broccoli. It was delicious. In a sense, none of the trips mentioned in Thing One were wasted. I got my fax on at the Workforce Center, I bought the buttons I needed from JoAnn, and those scallops are good to know about.

Tomorrow: Hobby Lobby. Again.


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United We Stand

I am pleased to announce that my online shop has been accepted for membership into the Vintage Market Team (see groovy new button on right —>). VMTeam is dedicated to promoting quality vintage goods on Etsy, and as a vendor, it will provide me with a network of camaraderie and support. As a customer, you can count on VMTeam shops to keep you supplied with a hand-picked selection of vintage clothing/accessories/housewares that are accurately described, well photographed, and shipped with care. Also, team-wide sales! Click on the link to see some beautiful “treasuries” of wares offered by VMTeam shops, and search for listings tagged with “vmteam” whenever you search Etsy. We (hee, I can say we!) are a group of shop owners with some pretty good taste, and you won’t be disappointed.

Note: I have started the slow process of retagging my own listings to be vmteam-compliant, but I’m heading to the airport in 4 hours and I have errands to run before I go, so it may be a few days. I’ll show up in those vmteam searches eventually!

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Mmmmonounsaturated Fats

I’ve read from a few sources (and some of them were even reputable) that a woman’s daily calorie intake shouldn’t drop below 1200. However, I’ve been eating ≤1000 calories a day* for the last 4 or 5 weeks, with only the occasional “splurge,” and I feel terrific! I have more energy, my pants fit better, and while I am losing weight, it hasn’t been disturbingly rapid. My hair isn’t falling out, my skin is only as dry as usual, my eyesight is fine. Of course, I don’t plan on doing this long-term, because I LOOOOVE food! The Mayo Clinic calculates my “maintenance” calories at 1500-1600/day once I hit my goal weight, and I will happily indulge in the casino buffet at VLV. I love a buffet (sung to the tune of I Love A Parade). I seem to be eating enough calories to not be malnourished. It’s not as though I’m sipping on Diet Coke and eating a box of Snackwells and calling it a day. I’m eating mostly fresh veggies, fresh fruit, and whole grains. For example, my lunch today was the following salad:

2 cups baby spinach
1/2 cup butter beans (canned)
1/2 avocado, diced
1 stalk celery, chopped
3 “dried plums,” diced (remember when they were prunes?)
2 Tbs crumbled feta
2 Tbs ginger-sesame dressing

Dinner tonight of steamed potatoes topped with nonfat yogurt and some salt-free Spike, which brings me up to juuuuuust over 1,000 calories, and I am STUFFED. (For anyone counting, that’s 19.3g of mostly monounsaturated fat, 29.6g fiber, and 28.4g protein).

So I’m wondering… what are the negative effects of eating too few calories over the long term? And how long is long term? What should I be on the lookout for?


*I mentioned in a post the other day that I’m using LoseIt to track my calories, and while it does suggest a daily caloric intake of just under 1200 for me right now, I am eating fewer than the recommended amounts only because I get distracted, not because I’m crazy. I frequently make plans to save room for some high-calorie, low-nutrition food (Cambozola!) for dessert, and then feel too full or don’t get around to it.


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Feb 1: Two Months to Viva!


Whew. Okay. As many of you know, my Biggest Event of the Year is the annual Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekender. I first attended VLV10 in 2007 at the urging of (and spending all of my time with) my friends at Peek Photo and a mutual friend of ours. They were absolutely sure that VLV was my bag, Baby, and boy were they ever right. I live a relatively sheltered life, and I did not know that there were people out there, hundreds of no thousands no TENS OF THOUSANDS of people out there who listen to really great music and dress the way I wanted to dress. I was hooked!

VLV10 was a pivotal event in my life. For one thing, I met my now-boyfriend, although I didn’t run into him again (and learn his name) for another 6 months. For another thing, spending an entire weekend with my friends brought us that much closer, and they are just about the only ex-coworkers with whom I still hang out (I am historically bad at keeping in touch with people). And finally, I felt free to dress in my beloved mid-century silhouettes without worrying about what people might think, because I knew that scattered around the globe were more people like me who supported my style. To be truthful, I did get some funny looks. I worked at that time within very close proximity to a semi-upscale shopping mall, where I would frequently head for lunch. I was occasionally aware of someone staring, but for the most part I went surprisingly unnoticed. The only time anyone ever approached me directly was to tell me how nice I looked. This was unexpected!

I bought my first vintage dress during my freshman year of college (boy do I ever wish I still had that dress, let alone the 22″ waist that once fit into it) and I’ve been casually collecting ever since. Those of you who know my age know that references a long time. Now it was my goal to make sure that I had enough vintage and repro clothing in my closet to support another year at VLV! I began to collect more aggressively, spending hours lurking around eBay and diving deeper during thrift store excursions with my similarly-afflicted Bestest Friend In The Whole Wide World. As my collection grew, I also had more to wear on a daily basis. And wear it I did. A different-yet-similar group of friends got together for VLV11, and as we prepared we would hunt in packs for dark-rinse high-waisted jeans and era-appropriate shoes. We studied the events schedule and planned our outfits weeks (months) in advance so that we could pack as efficiently as possible. I managed, after months-months-months of looking, to buy for myself a coveted deadstock-with-tags 1960/61 gold lamé DeWeese swimsuit, lightly embroidered and studded with rhinestones. A swimsuit so stellar that I dared to wear it two years in a row. Of course, I can’t get away with wearing it three years running, so the hunt is on for this year’s swimsuit.

Oh yeah, did I mention the swimsuits?

The weekender is held in early April, but it’s held in April in Las Vegas. 100-degree days are not uncommon. And so the weekend winds down on Sunday with a pool party. While this pool party is the first time that us revelers have a chance to slow down, it is also a veritable gallery of vintage swimwear. People are there to see, and to be seen. In swimsuits. In April. Pasty-white April. Only-three-short-months-from-holiday-excess April. So, when VLV attendees say that they’re starting their diet on January 1, this is no empty New Year’s resolution. This is an Emergency Situation.

Nick’s diet plan included being a complete glutton over the holidays, eating himself sick so that by January 1st, he wanted nothing but juice and salad. And of course, the extra pounds that he had packed on melted right off, because his body never adjusted to that artificially high caloric level in the first place. But from a mental standpoint, those pounds dropping encouraged him to keep going and he has been eating an almost-entirely-raw diet (exceptions made for coffee and Monday night dinner with friends) and he feels fantastic and looks better than I’ve seen him in months.

My own diet is less extreme and less effective, but more realistic for a foodie. On a recommendation from Erin,  I downloaded an iPhone app called LoseIt. It’s helped to keep me on track, and as of this morning I am 2/3 of the way to my goal weight (and halfway to the weight I was when I had that 22″ waist). Jeans that fit a year ago once again fit properly. I very much look forward to them being a little too big. I’ve started my flickr album of outfit planning, which for the first time is overloaded with options. I have an increasing pile of “needs sewing for Viva.”

I have two months to get everything done. Let the countdown begin!


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