Two Things, One Post

Thing One

I’ve been in a long-overdue barrette making frenzy, when I ran out of the barrette bases. That’s okay, I need to run over to the County Workforce Center, and Hobby Lobby is right next door. The trip went something (exactly) like this:

(interior, Hobby Lobby. Heroine has bag of 24 barrette blanks in hand.) Shoot, they’re not on sale this week. Which means they wind up being cheaper from Dollar Tree. I’ll get them there instead.

(interior, JoAnn. Heroine has bag of 8 barrette blanks in hand.) Shoot, they’re not on sale here either. I’ll get these buttons that I need, but the barrettes are cheaper at Dollar Tree AND Hobby Lobby.

(interior, Dollar Tree. Heroine getting pouty.) Shoot, no more barrettes. I guess it’s back to Hobby Lobby tomorrow. ::grrrr::

Thing Two

Dollar Tree has started carrying a wider selection of foodstuffs, in order to qualify to accept ever-more-present food stamps. Cookies and chips have been supplemented with bologna and frozen veggies… and scallops. Wild-caught (according to the packaging) bay scallops, packed 4 ounces at a time, frozen. Curious, I splurged with a dollar. I sautéed them in a nonstick pan with teensy bit of olive oil and a healthy shake of Stubb’s rosemary-ginger rub, then tossed them over steamed broccoli. It was delicious. In a sense, none of the trips mentioned in Thing One were wasted. I got my fax on at the Workforce Center, I bought the buttons I needed from JoAnn, and those scallops are good to know about.

Tomorrow: Hobby Lobby. Again.


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