United We Stand

I am pleased to announce that my online shop has been accepted for membership into the Vintage Market Team (see groovy new button on right —>). VMTeam is dedicated to promoting quality vintage goods on Etsy, and as a vendor, it will provide me with a network of camaraderie and support. As a customer, you can count on VMTeam shops to keep you supplied with a hand-picked selection of vintage clothing/accessories/housewares that are accurately described, well photographed, and shipped with care. Also, team-wide sales! Click on the link to see some beautiful “treasuries” of wares offered by VMTeam shops, and search for listings tagged with “vmteam” whenever you search Etsy. We (hee, I can say we!) are a group of shop owners with some pretty good taste, and you won’t be disappointed.

Note: I have started the slow process of retagging my own listings to be vmteam-compliant, but I’m heading to the airport in 4 hours and I have errands to run before I go, so it may be a few days. I’ll show up in those vmteam searches eventually!


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