It Ain’t Over Until The Jaw Bone Melts

(This will, hopefully, be the last installment in what has been for many of you WAY too much information about my mouth)

So, I had my progress meeting with the oral surgeon on Tuesday. It’s healing well, my sinus cavity isn’t leaking into anywhere it shouldn’t, and the lingering pain is to be expected as my tendons move around and regrip. (Pokes around in my mouth with mirror, hits spot that makes me flinch, says “Oh.”)

Oh? (And by the way, ow.)

Well, you have a bit of sharp bone there. (Bone? There is bone POKING OUT FROM MY GUMS?) It should melt away on its own…

I’m sorry, melt? When did bone start to melt?

Your bones are constantly moving, shifting, changing. Right now, you have some bone in your jaw that is looking for something to grip. Some will be absorbed and will help hold that back tooth in. The rest will… sort of flake off. Or I could file it. It’s simple.

It’s simple for YOU. It’s not YOUR mouth! (I don’t like the words “file” and “gums” to have any relation to each other.)

If you prefer, you can wait and see how it goes. It should be fine. Come in and see me if it’s bothering you.

And so, I’m to give it 6-ishy weeks. The irritation should gradually decrease as that pokey bit OF MY JAW apparently “melts” away and the gums continue to heal up. For now: Ow. Owwww. (Poke poke poke, bother bother bother.) I have graduated to food that requires chewing, but I’m still favoring the other side and staying away from anything crunchy.

So of course, I really want Doritos. :)



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5 responses to “It Ain’t Over Until The Jaw Bone Melts

  1. Big Red

    Do you hear little cries of “Melting? I’m melting, nooooooo! What a world, what a world!” coming from your mouth?

    Wait, shouldn’t an extra pokey bit make it easier to chew crunchy food? (I am, of course, kidding.)

  2. OWWWWW! Your poor thing! I am not a doctor, not do I play one on TV, but I prescribe chocolate. Yep. I reckon that’ll help!

  3. Marge

    They say some things should melt in your mouth, not in your hand.

    That, my dear, is just freaky.

  4. Nick

    Come on everyone… if they can make a diet pill the “melts away the pounds” I’m sure that a doctors simple words can melt away rogue jaw bone pieces… it is almost 2010 after all… sheeesh!

  5. Drewseph


    That is the voice that comes to mind whilst reading this.
    Which is odd, because, by all accounts, you are neither male… nor are you a meerkat.

    The doctor is voiced by Richard Hammond.

    Opening in cinemas on Tuesday.

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