Candy Buttons

I am very disappointed to discover that Necco Candy Buttons are made with gelatin, and are therefore not vegetarian. While hunting for this image, I also found out that Necco is the exclusive manufacturer of candy buttons (in the U.S.), so there is no animal-free alternative. Additionally, I was shocked to read that the buttons are supposed to represent three flavors: cherry, lime, and lemon. Did any of you ever taste flavor in these things? I only get “sugar” and occasionally “paper” from them.

And another thing: Why is the mascot for Necco (New England Confectionary Co.) a kid in a ten-gallon hat? I’m just wondering.



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3 responses to “Candy Buttons

  1. Mandelion17

    I’m thinking the ten gallon hat is the Old Fashioned part. . .

  2. I never went for the buttons. I prefer the wafers (but not the licorice flavor).

  3. I’m recalling mostly the “paper” flavor…

    Gelatin is sneaky stuff, it seems to get used in some of the most unlikely places.

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