Summertime Beckons

West Side Sinners, a local RAB emporium, has recently started carrying a line of enameled outdoor chairs. They are lovely.

My family didn’t have anything of the sort when I was growing up, but we did have a front porch, and a bench swing.

Seeing those chairs brings me back to a time of lazy evenings spent on the front porch, watching cars drive by, and quizzing my dad about each one… “What’s that one, Dad? And that? What about that?” He knew ’em all, year make and model. Every once in a while, he’d be stumped. Usually by something unremarkable and American.

My dad had a two-hour commute home from work each day, so if it was light enough outside for us to watch the cars, it had to be summertime.

Also summerrific, I had my first hunk of watermelon of the season the other night. It was sweet and juicy and delicious. I think I may purée the rest of the giant chunk, and make watermelon-swirl ice cream. Or, at least try.

Note: You can find the Bellaire chair/glider style at Improvements and Walter Drake if you don’t live in the Denver area. Stacks and Stacks seems to have the largest (online) color selection.


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  1. OH MY! I need that double rocker chair thingy. I spent summers shelling peas with my grandma while rocking on one of those. Ah, memories.

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