Mah Na Mah Na, Gobamarama

The people of the Twitterverse wrote my post for me tonight. I’m stunned by how many people whom I follow on Twitter are politically active, are backing Obama, and are so giddy with the promise of a new hope. (Posted in reverse-chronological order. User names have been deleted for privacy.)

@BarackObama: Magnificent speech! I can’t wait to campaign and vote for you in the general election. Thank you for giving me hope again.

I’m a 35 year-old too-often overly-cynical bastard; Obama gave me chills, dampened my eyes, tightened my throat. He gives me hope, not easy.

Paused Obama’s speech ten minutes ago. Waiting IMPATIENTLY for Dustin to put Wito down and get his ass in here. HURRY UP.

jeepers. i am a fucking cynic but i just got a small chill hearing that speech!

Holy cow. Literally shaking as I read the first Reuters article proclaiming Obama the nom. And it’s not the sangria!

Chills EVERYWHERE. Obama!!!

For my 700th tweet, congratulations to @BarackObama for getting the Democratic nomination. I look forward to voting for you in November

Twitter is making me sad I am out to dinner & missing whatever is going on w/ Obama.

“Barack Obama has enough delegates to clinch Democratic presidential nomination,”


gobamarama! win the nom-nom-nomination

Also, the meat of NoPasaNada‘s post today:

Tonight a black man became the presumptive nominee for the presidency from the Democratic party. My father called me and his usually snarky tone in regards to my short game in golf was replaced by tears and seriousness because he honest to God never thought he would ever live to see this day.


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