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Has anyone else heard the Pearl Jam-minus-Eddie support song for Barack Obama? It’s painfully awful. Barack Around The Clock?! I’m sorry guys, but what were you thinking? I’m over here on the sidelines, supporting Eddie’s abstention from this particular project.

Okay, that’s about as close as I get to actually discussing politics. I’m sure there are undecided folks out there who can be swayed one way or the other; I recommend that those people head over to SelectSmart to answer a few questions about how you would want your ideal candidate to vote on the issues that are important to you, and it will go through the current candidates’ records to find a match for you. My own friends and family tend to be the sorts who are pretty well read up on the issues that concern them, and as strongly as I believe in “my” candidates, they believe in theirs. I don’t actively try to shift anyone around. I do try to make sure that everyone makes their own, educated choice.

That being said… if any of my readers are that curious as to who I’m backing and/or why, Greeblemonkey has eloquently summed up many of the same points that have been floating around in my head.

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