matzoh brei

For some inexplicable reason, my house often smells like roasting chicken when I get home from work. I have determined that it has nothing to do with anything in the trash, or anything regarding my furnace filter (unless there happens to be a succulent chicken IN my furnace), and beyond that, I’m pretty much tapped out of Where Is That Smell Coming From ideas. I kinda figure that one or the other of my neighbors (I live in a townhome, and am attached to folks on two sides) roasts a lot of poultry for dinner.

Tonight, even more inexplicably, I would swear my house smelled of matzoh brei. This is “more inexplicable” not only because I’m not even sure if the supermarkets around here sell matzoh at this time of year, but also because I have Irish Catholics on one side of me, and Hispanic Catholics on the other. Curious. But, because I actually have eggs AND matzoh in the house, I’m taking it as a sign to make some for dinner. I’d post my recipe, but I don’t really have one. I just kinda DO it, so it looks a little something like this:

1. Run 2-3 matzohs under warm tap water so they’re wet on both sides. DO NOT SOAK THEM. Stack on a plate to sit while you…
2. Scramble a couple of eggs in a decent-sized bowl.
3. Crumble the dampened matzoh into the eggs, and stir to coat.
4. Pan-fry in a little butter as you would scrambled eggs.
5. Salt & pepper to taste.

See, the whole THING is done to taste, I mean, the ratio of egg-to-matzoh and the time you cook it and some people DO soak the matzoh (which, to me, is so WRONG) and even though my mom taught me to make it, my own ratio has probably taken a turn away from hers by now, and a whole lot of people are going to tell me that I’M doing it wrong because THEY (or their mom or uncle or whomever) make it like so… but really, it has, like, TWO main ingredients so how different could they all be? I like my farina sweet but my grits salty. To each his/her own.


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  1. I’ve never seen anyone write a post about matzoh brei, one of my favorites!

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