couldn’t be better

We made it home safely, and I was greeted by a deluge of Christmas cards in my mailbox. I feel a little bad, as some of the cards came from people I didn’t send to this year, but the overall feeling is of joy to hear from friends and acquaintances scattered all over the country. And, timber sent me a new mix CD titled simply “post modern” which I can only imagine will be as good as or better than his Kit-ten, PUNK|’SNOT|DEAD, and (star) mixes.

The house is a wreck, the cats are needy, and Scott is coming back over to watch Fight Club so I should be off. Hope all y’all had a great holiday!



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2 responses to “couldn’t be better

  1. Mr. Grey

    Wait… did you actually watch fight club? I remember you were fighting that for the longest time.

  2. e

    I’m so glad you all made it home safely and I can’t wait to see you!

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