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Monday, January 23, 2006



So the other day, I’m at a store. I’m buying a pair of socks. The Cashier With The Phlegmy Cough pulls open the next available plastic shopping bag on her rack, and deposits the single pair of socks. I notice, and say “Oh, thanks, but I don’t need a bag. I can put them in my purse.” TCWTPC quickly removes the socks from the bag, puts them up on the counter for me, then REMOVES the apparently tainted bag from the rack, balls it up, and walks it over to the nearest TRASH BIN.


I do believe she missed the point.


Okay, we move on to Sunday. Under the effects of alien mind control, I walk over to the KFC across the street to buy an item called “Individual Popcorn Chicken”. This single serving of chicken bits is packed in a custom-designed, securely lidded box. For protective measure, and I suppose presentation, this box is then placed in a paper sack. Then, perhaps because the paper bag has no handles and the typical KFC customer cannot figure out how to carry it otherwise, this paper-bag-encased lidded box is placed into a plastic shopping bag.


I think the packaging weighed as much as the chicken.


7:03 PM


Saturday, January 07, 2006

coffee and donuts


Maybe it was the fact that it was pretty good coffee to begin with, but…


man, donuts and coffee are the shit.


Currently listening : 

12 Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking 

By Wes Cunningham 

9:20 PM


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