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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 

Cocoa Infusion


Well, actually, yes I did just have a nice mug of cocoa. But that’s not what this is about.


I have orange streaks in my hair. When they’re fresh, I refer to them as Road Hazard Orange, though the given name for the color is Copper Craze. However, I hadn’t touched them up in a few months, and they had faded to more of a Dirty Penny.


While some people give in to the irrepressible impulse to drop their ex-girlfriend’s underwear through the sunroof of said ex’s current flame’s Audi, I have irresistable urges to mess with my hair. So I decide to cover the orange, lest I do something wacky like get a haircut or something. I spent quite a bit of time in the haircolor aisle; though I am obviously not opposed to the “unnatural” look, I did want to cover the orange with something very closely resembling my natural hair color. I have dyed my hair, oh, let’s see, about a THOUSAND times in my life, so I’m pretty familiar with the difference between the photos on the box and the actual result on one’s head. It’s a mental leap that I make sure to account for. After much deliberation, I chose a nice, safe-sounding Medium Brown Cocoa Infusion. Not Dark, not Very Dark, not Black. Meeeedium.


What I wound up with is, in my opinion, Spent Espresso Grounds. A shade or two warmer than, say, Elvira. And while it’s a lovely color, it is NOT “medium” nor is it “cocoa”.


I hear that baking soda will help strip some of the intensity out.


9:56 PM 



Thursday, December 08, 2005

damn fine dinner


Mixed baby greens (organic, of course – on sale at Wild Oats, cost me about 40 cents) with diced avocado (on sale, 69 cents), diced persimmon (on sale, 69 cents), and lobster meat (imitation, BOGO) lightly sautéed in a smidge of butter – drizzled a little truffle oil (not on sale, now or ever, and damn expensive but worth every penny) over the top. Damn, it was good. Even if it was a mostly cold salad.


10:06 PM


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