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Friday, September 30, 2005    just filling space

feeling a bit guilty for not writing a blog in so long. which i knew would happen, and was the reason i hadn’t started a blog in the first place.

just in case anybody wanted a follow-up, the meeting with timber (see blog #1) was pleasant and surprisingly comfortable. we went out to dinner (disappointing food) and then watched the recently-released Rock School documentary. i recommend it, by the way. i’ll list it below.

i found out last week that my ex (my previous ex, not my current ex, jeez they’re just stacking up) is engaged to the woman who was pivotal in our breakup. i was really surprised at how badly i felt, not for the long-ago demise of a relationship that should have ended even earlier, but at how crappy i felt about myself. timber, bless his too-rational-for-emotion soul, patched me up quite nicely. while that particular trait of his never did mesh well with my own too-emotional-to-be-rational self, it was key that night. good boy.

buy this woman’s t-shirts, they’re painfully accurate and hysterical:

the house is simply not selling. nobody is even looking. i’ll ride out this contract, and try again in spring. doesn’t anybody want a huge townhome in Westminster? i mean, yeah, i recently likened my neighborhood to Azkaban, but really, you’re not going to get this much space for the price anywhere else. and my HOA has actually been pretty busy fixing up the grounds. the lightpost by the front entrance has finally been rewired, the front porches were painted this week, the driveway was even being patched this morning. damn, NOW what am i going to bitch about? :)

5:57 PM


 Wednesday, September 21, 2005    here’s the thing

I’m a fan of the drop-in (though for some reason, I would never DREAM of dropping in on someone else).

And if my front door is open, I expect peeps who are my friends to feel comfortable knocking and then letting themselves in. (Occasionally, an unobservant neighbor lets themself in. Doi.)

But – and herein lies the rub – when I’m home alone, I don’t close the bathroom door. Extra work, and it ticks off the cats.

That’s all I’m saying.

6:07 PM


Monday, September 19, 2005    The cookies are out to get me.

So I finally got up the nerve to open another fortune cookie. This one reads “A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.” If you know me at all, you know that this is a personal attack.

The cookies are out to get me.

10:33 PM


Sunday, September 18, 2005   mean cookie

The last fortune cookie I opened read “Disregard previous cookie.”

I’ve been too startled to open any since.

1:18 PM 



Friday, September 16, 2005   Testing, testing, blog number one.

I have left myself with practically no time this morning to address this, my First Blog Entry Ever. Going to be a bit bogged down with freelance over the next week or so, which is good. Actually, it will be even better when I invoice for it.

Rocket, the tabby, bites her nails. It’s disgusting. It’s also quite annoying when she’s doing it at the foot of my bed an hour BEFORE my alarm clock is set to go.

I went in for a full round of laser blasts on my leg on Tuesday, and I think it’s working really well. The interim result is pretty nasty, though. Icky blisters will turn to slightly-less-icky scabs, but there’s lots of good things happening underneath; new cell growth and fresher, pinker skin.

The Car was broken into Tuesday night, but the damage was minimal and the theft even less so. I’m suddenly glad that I never swapped out the stock stereo for something fancier. Yay, iPod! I’m ecstatic that they jimmied the lock instead of breaking the window. Replacing the last one was spendy, and the new glass never fit the old weatherstripping well, resulting in a whistle at speeds over 25 MPH. No, it couldn’t carry a tune. :)

I’m supposed to get together with timber tomorrow, in an exchange of belated birthday presents and left-behind-post-breakup Stuff. My neighborhood is a cultural wasteland, but I hope to do it locally, because I know I’ll be crying in the car on the way home. Dammit. I think we’ve both been putting off the Stuff Exchange. I hate that I get so attached, that the return of a pillow could be so fraught with Symbolism. On the other hand, I do really want my pillow back. It’s a good one.

Shoot, I had a fabulous idea for making today’s lunch as I was heading up to bed last night, so of course I’ve forgotten it. Time to try to piece it back together.

9:20 AM 


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