Reminiscin’ Racing

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I promised your guys I’d put up some semblance of a web site for the race team, and I have, although I’m still missing copious amounts of content. Jim has a very well organized scrapbook of his racing career going back to 1968, but I’ve not yet gotten it from him to scan. Jim and Johnnie are both slacking (SLACKING, GUYS) about getting me their bio information. And so on. ::coughVIDEOcough::

Anyway, I don’t do web sites. Or websites, depending on your preference/age/involvement in the medium. The Reminiscin’ site is built in iWeb, which is limited, outdated, unsupported,  and the only program I’ve yet worked with that is dumbed down enough for my firmly-embedded-in-print mind. Let’s not even talk about the tears I was in during my first (and therefore last) day of Dreamweaver class. I was excited about Muse until I opened it up to start playing and went “Huh?” Right, so anyway. iWeb. Which means it’s best viewed in Chrome or Safari. When viewed in Firefox, a few drop shadows go wonky. I haven’t tested any other browser. I did this as a freebie, remember? You get what you pay for. :)

There are changes I still want to make. There may be more changes based on your suggestions. The site is most certainly not done, but at least it’s live. You can peek at it. So, like, go. Peek. Especially if you have any interest in blown alcohol front-engine dragsters. Which, really, you should. C’mon, you can’t deny how bitchin’ they are.*


*Unless you’ve ridden for 6 hours in an un-air-conditioned truck so you can “sleep” in a tent in a drought-ridden field approximately ¼ mile away from the busiest freight railroad tracks you’ve ever in your life encountered, then sweat all day and reek of DEET and pee in a stinky Portalet® just to watch your boyfriend on the track for all of 7 seconds at a time. In which case the “bitchin’” reverts to its other definition. ;)



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2 responses to “Reminiscin’ Racing

  1. Daniel

    this is why i chose a partner who works in the food industry. instead of smelling like the above mentioned she comes home smelling like lobster and cheddar biscuits and such


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