In The Swim (1955)

Okay, okay, okay. I have a Pinterest account, right? And I see all the clever ideas and pretty things and want to repin this and that and the other. But I have this thing, this personal code of ethics, wherein I like to actually confirm the information in the caption before forwarding it on to my followers. Judging by the pins I find out have totally erroneous captions, I am in the minority in this way.


I see this pin. It’s a scan of an old Maurice Handler swimsuit ad. Delightful, pretty swimsuits. But, as usual, the pin is lacking any useful caption and links to a Tumblr page with an equal dearth of detail. (Tumblr is even worse than Pinterest for the rapid-fire spread of misinformation. A total ABSENCE of information is better than WRONG information, though.) So I put on my Bunny Watson hat and start to do some sleuthing. Sleuth sleuth sleuth. I don’t find the specific ad that was pinned, but I do find the below ads, with very similar styles to those I was seeking, all scanned from the June 3, 1955 edition of the Lewiston (Maine) Evening Journal. Enjoy some fun in the sun!

Jantzen “Knit Chine,” 1955

“Vanishing Hips” by Catalina, 1955

Rose Marie Reid “Bloomer Beauty,” 1955

“Stage Business” by Maurice Handler, 1955

If you want to read the entire newspaper, you can find it archived here. Thanks, Google!


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