Thoughts on Things

All y’all seem to like the more personal posts, so here are a few thoughts running through my head (and boy, are they getting tired):

  • I have 3 T-shirt designs that are in varying states of being worked on: 1 for Tiddleywink Vintage, 1 for the race team, and 1 just for fun. They’ve all been back-burnered for the time being, but you can order some way-cool shirts I designed for Church of Cupcakes from their online “Church Bazaar.”
  • Speaking of the race team, here’s a video clip of my beau zipping along at a speedy 190 miles per hour, as seen from the roll cage. If you’re reading this at work, turn down the volume first.
  • If you enjoyed that clip, here’s one of his brother making a similar pass in a different dragster, later that night. Again, with the volume.
  • I need to order new business cards, for both the vintage side of things and the design side. (Also: a couple of rubber stamps.) I’ve been saying that for weeks. If I were one of my clients, I’d be SO frustrated with this procrastination!
  • I’ve an ad due to a publication soon, and I could run the same darn ad I’ve been running for, like, 2 years now, but I’d really like to change it up. Heck, I wanted to change it up last year. However, this requires things like willing models, a photographer who actually knows what he/she is doing, a time that’s convenient for everyone, and some method of payment that I can afford. Which means I’ll be running the same old ad again.
  • I have to move to a new host. I tried to do it the other day, and bunged up the whole site and its accompanying email addresses. Which includes all of the email addresses associated with each of the3shops, as well as the Facebook fan page. I was able to undo what I did, but that means I still need to move it. So consider this a warning, I guess.
  • I seem to have hoarded a bizzarre quantity of ladyfingers in the pantry, so I decided to make tiramisu tonight. I even plan to make it the real way, with whipped mascarpone, although I’d considered faking it with Bird’s custard. Which I realize is nothing like mascarpone, but I always have a tin of Bird’s on hand, so there’s that. You know what? It turns out mascarpone is pretty expensive! This had better be tasty.
  • Speaking of Bird’s, I was just introduced (via Instagram) to the southern hemisphere treat of Yo-yos (which are, apparently, referred to as Melting Moments if made with cornstarch instead of custard flour). I look forward to making a batch, and introducing them to my mouth.
  • I like turtles.
  • Just checking to see if you’re still reading.
  • So the other day? With the centipede?* It’s been more than a week and I still can’t sleep. I told a friend it was like having the feels-like-bugs-are-crawling-on-my-skin side effect of bad drugs, but without any of the fun bits.
  • My friend Owen has suggested that Traumatic Centipede Experience needs to be the name of a band. I agree.
  • My dad is coming to visit! Yay! I need to unearth the guest room, which hasn’t been inhabited in many months. This may take the assistance of Mike Mulligan.
  • I have more fun stuff to scan for this here blog, but you folks are being so quiet about everything I’ve scanned thus far. Have you enjoyed any of it? Do you like seeing the old advertisements, or the old sewing patterns, or the old recipes, or is there anything specific you’d like me to seek out for posting? Please comment below!
  • Related: Many of you are coming here to read posts, then going back to Facebook or Twitter to comment on them, instead of commenting in the handy comment field below. Why is that?

I’ve taken too much time to blather about here and need to get back to taking photographs of beautiful clothing soon (eventually) to be seen at Tiddleywink Vintage. Au revoir!


*If you missed The Traumatic Centipede Experience, you’ll have to visit the Facebook page and scroll down to June 19th. I was sort of live-blogging it.



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9 responses to “Thoughts on Things

  1. I enjoy reading your blog…even if I don’t comment. I DID skip most of the pattern designers this past week, since it’s not my thing. If it WAS my thing, I would have LOVED it! I like the old ads and recipes a lot.

    I like turtles, too.

    Traumatic Centipede Experience can open for my band Cellophane Ferret Hat. Just sayin.’

    Keep up the awesome blog work!

  2. Erin

    I can help you with your ladyfingers dilemma…that sounds kinda dirty

  3. Mandy

    Yay for Dad visits! Beth and I got to go through a bunch of old cook books a few weeks ago. We both took some hella old ones and I thought of you. :)

  4. I love everything you write…but I’m very bad at commenting. But I love you, and your blog, and your face, and your EVERYTHING!!!

    Also, I like turtles too… and I wanna join Erin in helping with your lady fingers.


  5. I was reading! I loved the pictures, but didn’t find anything comment-worthy, maybe not stretching out the topics so long, giving us a themed post or two and then moving on to another type/style to keep it refreshing?

    Still, I love it even more when you post about centipedes and your ladyfinger issues… they always make me chuckle!

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