Pau Hana, Mi Pilialoha

I was having a birthday. So I planned a party.

The party itself wasn’t a huge undertaking, but my plan to finally, after seven years of talking about it, finally make my basement into a tiki bar/lounge in time for said party… that was a huge undertaking. A good number of people helped, in ways large and small. A greater number of people showed up to help me celebrate both the anniversary of my birth and the completion of Phase I of the Pau Hana Lounge.

Thanks to the general wonderfulness of my friends, I feel all warm and fuzzy.

Or maybe that’s the steam from the dishwasher. ;)

Hula Girl Cake



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2 responses to “Pau Hana, Mi Pilialoha

  1. What a lovely reason to get your tiki bar in order! Happy Birthday Wink!

  2. Joe

    The party was a blast, and the lounge is Tiki-riffic! It really came together well, nice job!

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