Pink Kitchen

It’s Friday, and I had cash in my pocket, so I decided to go to an estate sale that I’d read about. The organizer’s website was chock full of photos that scrolled way too quickly, but I did spot a Formica dinette set flash by, and I figured it was a good indicator of what else might be in store.

The dinette set was still there, at an unheard-of $135. Alas, I didn’t have that much cash, nor the tools required to disassemble it so I could cram it in my car. My bad luck, someone else’s good fortune.

I picked through a few things, found some earrings and a kooky little how-to-rumba pamphlet (oh yeah, that came home with me), and then walked into the kitchen.

Ohmigod, the kitchen.

The house was built in 1952, and the kitchen was NEVER REMODELED. Actually, that can’t be true because the Frigidaire Flair Custom Imperial range (AND IN PINK!!! COVET!!!) was only available between 1960 and 1968. So okay, the kitchen hasn’t been remodeled in 42-to-50 years. Everywhere I looked were strips of masking tape saying NOT FOR SALE and I tell you I would have rented a truck, maxed out my credit card’s cash advance option, and picked up that entire room otherwise. Pink refrigerator. Pink countertops with gold flake. Pink built-in banquette booth (with that same pink Formica surface as the counters). My heart was beating so fast!

I took my own crummy photos, ill-prepared as I was with only a cell phone and with people milling about and clutter everywhere. See teaser photo above. BUT… when I got home and looked up the address to get the build date, I saw that the house is for sale and the Realtor has provided some lovely photos. So here they are, and a bonus photo of the pink-and-black bathroom. [insert choir of angels here]

Bonus bathroom photo:



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5 responses to “Pink Kitchen

  1. Honey B. Hooligan

    That. Is. Amazing. O_O I’m in love!

  2. Ekwoman

    Oh. My. God. Not a fan of pink at all, but I DO like the pink tile with the black subway tile in the bathroom. Um. Wow.

  3. Is that house for sale?? I would move to live there!

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