Mid-Century Sugar Dispenser

The above is a photo, hastily taken in my father’s kitchen, of my grandmother’s sugar dispenser. With full permission, my dad got it when my grandmother moved to her condo, and was no longer in the mental or physical condition required for entertaining. My grandmother had it for about as long as anyone can remember, and it is a bit of industrial design genius: you pick it up, with your index finger through the loop. With your thumb, you depress the black plastic plunger. From the spout on the opposite side, precisely one “portion” of sugar (I never measured, but probably a teaspoon) drops out and into your cup of steaming tea or coffee. It doesn’t leak. It doesn’t stick. It has never broken. It isn’t ugly. As you might imagine, every member of my immediate family (and a few less-immediate members) want to get their hands on this item. And we have looked for others. Oh, have we looked. The only mark on the item is a very clear “Suko” stamp on the bottom. We have searched etsy, we’ve searched eBay, we’ve searched Google. Nothing. Nothing even like it. And so I now ask you, Dear Readers, have you ever seen anything like this, perhaps in your grandmother’s kitchen? Preferably in your local hardware store, where they have a dusty old case of 24 sugar dispensers that they forgot they even had? WE WILL BUY THEM.



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4 responses to “Mid-Century Sugar Dispenser

  1. john

    found one just like yours in mint shape never used in my moms and dads basement i think its cool what are they worth?

    • John,
      I’ve seen plastic versions (always described as NOS vintage but from multiple sellers who seem to have an endless supply in assorted colors) offered for $59-$75, but if anybody thought they were worth anywhere near that much, they’d all have sold out long ago. A brand-new German stainless model by Cilio costs $25 from Amazon, and I’ve found that where direct contact with food is concerned, the general public doesn’t usually pay more for vintage items. I happen to have a personal sentimental interest in this specific style, so if you do decide to sell yours, please let me know!

  2. Suzi Ballew

    OMG!!!! My aunt had one also. Not sure where it landed. I would send a picture of it with your story to Vermont Country Store. Sometimes they are able to find a business or someone who is interested in making a reproduction of a tried and true item from years gone by. . I would definitely get in touch with them. Let me know what they say. I have never known anyone who had one of these sugar dispensers, but I remember it vividly from my childhood.

    • Suzi,
      In the time since this post was published, I have become the third-generation owner of this sugar dispenser. It’s in use 6 days a week (we go *out* for coffee on Sundays) and it’s still a marvel every day. Your idea to request a re-manufacture from VCS is genius, I’ll send them a message!

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