A few pies.

I interrupt this ghastly silence to bring back to Shoes & Pie: Pie!

I tried to make a Creamsicle®-inspired pie. The consistency was more sauce-like than pie-like, but it has potential. I’ll go back to that one. Any volunteer tasters?

Banana Cream Pie. Friggin’ perfect. Not my recipe, but the one I found online needs no changes whatsoever. It is, all by itself, A Perfect Pie.

Buttermilk Custard Apple Pie. This one needs a different name, because hey, is it buttermilk custard, or custard apples? In this case, it’s buttermilk custard. And apples. And a gingersnap cookie-crumb crust. And way too sweet. This one will be tweaked, with CONSIDERABLY less sugar. The entire thing caramelized from all the sugar.

Sour Cream Dried Tart Cherry Pie. What’s with all the multi-word pie names? At least this one is a bit more straightforward. Again, I started with a recipe I found online, and tweaked. Again, it would benefit from less sugar. However, there is little in the world that tastes as good as sour cream mixed with vanilla and sugar, so this pie can’t really go wrong. I will make it again, less sweet, and I will also see if I can thicken the custard up a bit (although I haven’t checked on it since refrigerating it overnight; it may have solidified nicely).

Coming soon to a blog near you: Shoes!



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6 responses to “A few pies.

  1. Keylime…

    Key… lime…


  2. e

    Yay! PIES! BTW, seriously considering purchasing a dwarf apple tree for our backyard. Think of all the apple pies and apple butter and other appley things!

  3. Drewseph

    *dances like Snoopy*

  4. Okay, no pictures?!?!? You need to start photographing your pies. That sounded dirty but it wasn’t!

  5. Jimmy Buttcheeks

    Wow, E!
    That’s so crazy!!!
    I’m seriously considering buying a Dwarf for my back yard!!!

    Who would have guessed that I could have got him a matching apple tree!!!???

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