plans tonight

I’m going to see Eddie Izzard tonight. Woo! So, um, yeah. Here’s a clip from a previous tour:

Thank you for flying Church of England. Cake or death?


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6 responses to “plans tonight

  1. Amy

    Love Eddie Izzard! Have fun tonight! You know he’s the voice of the mouse in the latest Narnia movie…

  2. mjc

    A couple of Henry III’s wives should have chosen cake. :)

    We’re gonna see Eddie Izzard!!!!!!! Bliss out.

  3. I don’t really want to stab you in the heart (as Amy tweetered), but I would have liked to sit on your shoulders. I loves me some cake. Sometimes death.

  4. We’re going tonight! Can’t wait!

  5. Wish I’d known Eddie was coming through!

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