I know, I still owe you kids the final post about my trip to Boston, with links and pictures (with circles
and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was). But you see, I didn’t realize that I’d taken 400 photographs, and I only got through my first edit on Wednesday night.

Instead, here’s an interview that I did with Sabrina, the charming blonde mannequin over at Holly Gab (the blog arm of Lucite Box Vintage). I took the photos myself, and in a terrible rush, so they’re not, how do you say, “good.” On the other hand, I don’t have fancy lighting equipment and I didn’t want to drag everything to the level of my studio lights, so… deal with it. :)

Now, does anyone know how to clean white canvas espadrilles?



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2 responses to “Clecktions!

  1. ‘Doc, I wanna kill’

  2. Mandelion17

    “I wanna burn women, children, houses and villages.”

    White espadrilles, eh? Try brushing them with cornstarch or baking soda or baby powder. . . depends on the stain.

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