How to spend a day.

Wake up; notice mysterious scratches on neck.

While moisturizing, notice three bruises on leg.

Putting on shoes, notice cut on toe.

Mousing at the office, notice cut on palm of hand. Chalk that one up to stigmata. ;)

Seriously wonder WHAT the hell happened in my sleep.

Work like crazy to hit noon deadline by 12:15.

Try to upload ridiculous amounts of data to FTP site.

Burn DVDs instead.

Ask vendor about pick-up.

Wait for vendor.

Wait for vendor.

Decide to call courier.

Vendor arranges pick-up.

Agree to help out at last minute for fancy-pants fundraiser.

Decide to leave early in order to accomplish above.

Manage to leave 10 minutes early.

Sit in traffic.

Wait to hear fundraiser dress code.

Scarf down dinner.

Wait to hear fundraiser dress code.

Fix windshield (better, this time) before rain hits.

Wait to hear fundraiser dress code.

Realize that laundry situation is dire; will likely be out of clean underwear tomorrow.

Decide to bag last-minute volunteer effort for fundraiser, so that I can start laundry before 8pm.

Send email explaining such to fundraiser volunteer buddy.

Answer door for fundraiser volunteer buddy, who didn’t get email.

Realize that we don’t know how to get IN to fundraiser event at which we are last-minute volunteering.

Be social.

Walk fundraiser volunteer buddy to car; notice neighbors’ puppy behaving unusually well.

Notice neighbors.

Be social.

Sit on stoop, playing with neighbors’ new Ultimate Deluxe Super Cool Transformers toys.

See above.

See above.

Pet stray cat that has wandered up.

Stray cat is very friendly.

Stray cat is very pretty.

Stray cat is quite skinny.

Fetch katsnax for stray cat.

Defer requests from neighbors for me to take in stray cat.

Stray cat won’t go away.

Wonder if fundraiser volunteer buddy needs a third cat?

Stray cat keeps curling up in my lap.

Stray cat is not fixed. Leaving stray cat outside would be irresponsible.

Neighbor calls Animal Control. Closed.

Fundraiser volunteer buddy calls Police Dispatch.

Fetch cat carrier from basement.

Say good-bye to fundraiser volunteer buddy and stray cat. Still don’t know if they’re going home, or to police station.

Say good-night to neighbors.

Start laundry at 10pm.



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5 responses to “How to spend a day.

  1. Drewseph

    Resolve to steal this idea for own blog.

    Realize that anything I type won’t be anywhere near as good as this one, and will probably be insulting to the original.

    Decide to take the ‘hell with it’ approach and type it anyway.

    Spill dinner on floor.


    Clean up dinner.

    Clean up dinner.

    Clean up dinner…

  2. Alison

    There was no room at the inn last night.

    Stray cat ate lots of kibble, drank water and snuggled and kneaded until bed time.

    Stray cat is currently trying to kick laptop off lap while I wait for animal control.

    Hoping his family reported him missing… sort of.

  3. Carrie

    What a long day. Whew, I’m exhausted!

    Maybe you should keep the stray kitty. Sounds like Rocket may have be trying to make a go at your untimely death while you were sleeping.*

    *inexplicable scratches and bruises

  4. Alison

    Stray kitteh is with animal control… but I haz a case numbah!

  5. Amy

    Wow. You are one busy lady. I think I would crash the internet if I put down all the stuff I do in a day. Or I would just cry at how very little of it actually involves me.

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