3 minutes with Cyd Charisse

As a kid, my favorite movie was Singin’ In The Rain. It’s still up there in my top 10. I loved the story, the comedy, the songs, and the COSTUMES! It is entirely possible that my attraction to shoes began with this short, dialogue-free dance scene, with a seductive Cyd Charisse and a handsome Gene Kelly:

Look at that butt wiggle! Look at those rolled sleeves! LOOK AT THOSE GREEN, SATIN PUMPS! Rowr!

Ms. Charisse died today, at the age of 86. Hollywood has lost the sexiest pair of legs of all time.



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3 responses to “3 minutes with Cyd Charisse

  1. Drewseph

    That was brilliant.
    I reckon if someone made a film in that style today, it would probably fix everything that’s wrong with the industry.
    *says he who knows nothing about said industry*

    Also, DAYum.

  2. Amy

    So do you watch “So You Think You Can Dance?” It’s my favorite. I could watch dancing all day long.

  3. Jessi

    I need to expand my movie repertoire to include some of those great films.

    Dear Lord, bless me with her ability to dance in those awesome heels!

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