a continuing lack of shoes

No no no, it’s not that I don’t have any, it’s simply that I still haven’t photographed them. They’re neatly lined up in the hallway, awaiting their turns in the limelight. But I got home from work, made some disappointing curry, watched three episodes of The Tudors*, read news reports about the historic flooding in Cedar Rapids and the deadly tornado that killed four Scouts in the western part of the state. And I completely forgot about the shoes.

I hope that the knowledge that I have typed this post with only one hand, because a cat is sitting on the other, earns some points back for me in your hearts. Next week, I promise: shoes. Have yourself a good weekend, kids. Stay dry if you can.


*A co-worker told me that I look like Natalie Dormer, the actress who plays Ann Boleyn. Huge compliment! Oh, to be that close to Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Yeah, he’s on The List. (Click on the photo for a much larger photo)



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2 responses to “a continuing lack of shoes

  1. Drewseph

    Ten points for typing whilst Kittened, another ten for typing another 32 words about being Kittened.

    My weekend: the movies! So … will likely get drenched.

  2. You could have at least supplied a picture of pie. Do you have those lined up in the hallway as well?

    Mmm… pie.

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