Let’s Get Ready To Rum-bowl!

The Saints and Pinners kicked off our new bowling season tonight, and although we tried to bowl poorly enough to score ourselves some nice, high handicaps… we all did pretty well. Surprisingly well, considering that none of us have lifted a ball in probably three months. Of course, we still have room for improvement. It’s my goal to get my average up around 150 this season (yeah, I know that “real” bowlers scoff at that, but I started bowling this time last year around a 92, so I had a ways to go). I think I averaged around a 112 tonight. [Ed. Note: Turned out to be a 118] I’m not sure what the handicap will bring me up to; I’ll find out next week when all of our rankings are tallied.

Saints and Pinners: We will all suck together.

That’s a team, man. ;)



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2 responses to “Let’s Get Ready To Rum-bowl!

  1. Bowling rocks. Phil and I are equally sucky, so it makes for a nice, violence-free game. Perhaps we should suck with you sometime.

  2. erin

    wow… it’s quiet around here. *crickets chirping*

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