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Viva Las Vegas photos

Okay, I decided to skip any planned retouching. These photos are therefore burdened with the occasional lightpost that I couldn’t crop out of the frame, unfortunately distracting reflections, etc.

A little background: We flew in late Wednesday night, and tho’ we planned to have at least one drink at the bar before retiring, the wait at baggage claim and the line to check in at the Orleans pretty much took us to our 3am goal. The rest of the weekend was mostly a blur of drinking, music, shopping, camera lenses, laughing (lots of laughing), and meeting a boatload of hep people. Hats off to Fort Collins Elvis, Linda and Priscilla, Young Jason, Jesse and his friends Nate and… um… their other friend, Jonny “Velvet Elvis” Barber, John and Diesel, and… uh… everybody else who took the time to introduce themselves and make for a grand ol’ time. I hope to see you next year, if I don’t see you sooner!


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Home from VLV11

Home again, home again, jiggity jive. There was drinking, there was dancing, there was shopping, there was ogling, there was flirting, there was fighting and complaining and hugging and all in all it was a lot of work and I’m glad to be home… but at the same time, I’m already sad to be back in the real world. I’m still tired but will try very hard to post final photos within the next day or two. Villanovababy already has her selects posted here.


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Bags are packed, bracelets are strung, necklaces are made, etickets and confirmation emails are printed… my new contact lenses have chosen NOW to go all wonky on me. There always seems to be a break-in period with each new pair, and I forget about that every time.

Work is going to feel ETERNAL tomorrow! I have a date with HosTuff to get manis/pedis at lunch. That should help break up the day.

And then… Viva!

I’m gonna keep on the run
I’m gonna have me some fun
If it costs me my very last dime
If I wind up broke, well
I’ll always remember that I had a swingin’ time

I’m gonna give it ev’rything I’ve got
Lady Luck please let the dice stay hot
Let me shoot a seven with ev’ry shot
Viva Las Vegas,
Viva Las Vegas,
Viva, Viva Las Vegas

Catch you on the flip side, kiddoes!


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Product Testimonial

If, like me, you grew up reading any amount of fashion magazines, you know that a proper base for a “finished” face starts with clean, toned skin, moisturizer, and YAWN you’ve already lost me. Too much work, too many steps. I rarely moisturize, I never use foundation. I usually limit my makeup to liquid liner, or the previous day’s smudges of liquid liner. If I’m feeling really ambitious, I add mascara and lipstick. No lipliner, no primer, no blotting. Friends have delicately mentioned that my skin could look a little more even if I made some effort. I have tinted moisturizer… no, too heavy. I’ve tried two different brands of mineral powder: one had an applicator that didn’t apply, the other was like dusting pore enhancer on my face.

Out shopping with Megan on Saturday, I mentioned that I’d wear foundation if I could find one that provided good coverage, and yet didn’t feel like I was wearing anything. We both laughed at the concept. Then, just for funsies, and because it smelled so good, we popped into The Body Shop. We poked around at the scent bar, we tried their new body butter, and hey look! Foundation in a little pump bottle. Megan helped me pick a shade, I pumped a little out onto the back of my hand, tapped it to my face…

Holy crap. This stuff is good. My rosy cheeks? Now flesh-toned. Added bonus: it’s weightless. And, of course, not tested on animals and all that other feel-good Body Shop mission stuff. AND it’s SPF15. Which I don’t really care about, but I know that I should.

The store is brand new, so they were giving away free gifts with all purchases. Neat! And oh, have I ever tried their foundation brushes? Um, hello, you can apply foundation with a brush? Because I will say, I hate getting it all over my fingers, and sponge applicators soak it up. Salesgal showed us the brushes, Megan acted as guinea pig, and you know what? Brilliant. Just fekkin’ brilliant. We each bought a brush, and salesgal gave us different free gifts.

Today was my first test with the brush, and my own bottle of Oil-Free Foundation. Worked like a charm. Excellent coverage that lasted all day, and I couldn’t feel a thing. Product Love.


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bad influence

The Girls “encouraged” me today to buy a black, sequined, spaghetti-strap, backless, floor-length gown. $99.99 online (, Masquerade 399517), I bought it at Ross for $24.99. Oh yeah, because that’s how I roll.

I would show a photo here, but WordPress “updated” their system, and now I can’t figure out how to add images to my post.


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