Bags are packed, bracelets are strung, necklaces are made, etickets and confirmation emails are printed… my new contact lenses have chosen NOW to go all wonky on me. There always seems to be a break-in period with each new pair, and I forget about that every time.

Work is going to feel ETERNAL tomorrow! I have a date with HosTuff to get manis/pedis at lunch. That should help break up the day.

And then… Viva!

I’m gonna keep on the run
I’m gonna have me some fun
If it costs me my very last dime
If I wind up broke, well
I’ll always remember that I had a swingin’ time

I’m gonna give it ev’rything I’ve got
Lady Luck please let the dice stay hot
Let me shoot a seven with ev’ry shot
Viva Las Vegas,
Viva Las Vegas,
Viva, Viva Las Vegas

Catch you on the flip side, kiddoes!



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4 responses to “Viva-bound

  1. Drewseph

    *yaaaay in the style of kermit*

    Hope you have loads of fun etc.
    Take plenty of outrageous tophos.

  2. Nick

    Okay… the sucky-ness of all of this is starting to set in as I hear about everyone getting ready to go…

    Here is a list of things to do for Nick

    Puke straight whisky at some point, try to get it on the GC carpet (car show parking area doesn’t count) um… this will most likely be followed by trying to smoke a cigarette while wondering why the damn thing won’t light as all of your friends realize that you have it in your mouth backwards and you’re trying to light the filter. At this point throw it out and try another one…

    Next… take a bunch of drunken pictures. Not of people who are drunk, but pictures taken by a drunk… these are great. These pictures usually are of your thumb and your lap but every once in a while you’ll actually get a picture of a person or a thing. Nothing interesting, but you’ll be amazed that you could actually work your camera in such a condition…

    In all seriousness… throw a shot or two back for me and have a blast Kitten.

  3. Wheeeeee! I’m so fekkin’ giddy I can’t even tell you.
    This trip is going to be amazing. I won’t even give Nick any shit for not making it, cause I know it’s not his fault.

  4. Carrie

    Trust me, if I weren’t so broke and in the middle of ten thousand things, I would definitely join you. Have fun!!

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