Yes, as a matter of fact, it does look like fish food. But furikake is actually a seasoning for rice, and it comes in even more varieties than fish food does. And thank goodness for that, because when I made my decision to go mostly vegetarian, it occurred to me that a basic ingredient in furikake is bonito flakes. Enter: yasai fumi furikake. Vegetarian furikake! And, can I tell you? Delicious. Absofrikkinlutely delicious. I’m oddly fond of rice in the first place, but this stuff is like rice-crack. Available at your local Asian grocer, I buy mine from Pacific Ocean Marketplace for $2.99/jar.

I’m heading off to the wilds of semi-rural New Jersey for a few days, so I’m taking this moment to predict that I may not create a Friday post. Then again, I may. Woo, can you handle the suspense?



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3 responses to “Furikake

  1. Drewseph

    “Oh, and, no break, of course, would be complete without a bitofa shuffle, so, for this we’re gonna use some household White Noise, you can get this from your TV, I got mine from Sainsbury’s.”

    Probably beats the snot outta Uncle Toby’s Rice Wot You Nuke On High For Two Minutes And Just Eat It stuff…

  2. If you see someone driving erratically in a rental car looking dazed and confused about the damn jughandles in the vicinity of Parsippany, it’s probably me. I’ll be there on business all next week- what’s your excuse?

  3. Amy

    I’ll have to try some. Maybe you can bring this rice to our June meet up bbq and I can try yours before I drive to the ends of the earth to buy it. I’m just saying…since you have to bring a side dish anyway… ;-)

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