Pie Reaches 9 On ScottScale, Baker Is Willing To Stop There

Yep, that’s right folks, my key lime pie is THIIIIIS close to Absolute Perfection. Scott tried to give me an 8.5 or 8.75, but I wasn’t giving in to that. He acquiesced to a 9 when I insisted (pouted). I agree with him that the texture is keeping it from being a perfect 10, but the flavah… I haz it. The ultimate compliment: Scott said that, were this to be served in a restaurant, the menu should have a disclaimer. And also, that it should be served with a glass of water. At which point I fetched him a glass of water, consummate hostess that I am. Damn! I should have been wearing one of my aprons!

Scott, to his credit, brought over, prepared, and grilled dinnerstuffs in exchange for Pie Heaven. Also, he brought me a new, full propane tank for the CharBroil. Because, did I mention? I ran out of propane while friends were over to grill on Saturday. Consummate hostess that I am (/me rolls eyes). Humorous note: The song playing on my stereo when the complete lack of flame was noticed was Outta Gas by the Honeybees. Hardy har har, Powers Who Be.



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4 responses to “Pie Reaches 9 On ScottScale, Baker Is Willing To Stop There

  1. erin

    I missed PIE! And grilling…. *pouts*

  2. Everybody has “missed” pie… Scott is the only taster thus far.

  3. Carrie

    Sometimes things that make the perfect texture are added preservatives and things that unknowingly clog up our insides sooo….my guess is that your pie is a 10.

  4. Zaskoda

    Hey now… granting a 9 is a big deal… you can’t just go tossing around 10’s like there’s an unlimited supply of them.

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