the halter top: results

Yeah, um, no. It started out pretty well:


That’s it, trimmed out, pleated, and pinned into place. Not bad, for guessing! I attached a waistband (twice; I realized after the first attempt that I had unintentionally denied the laws of physics), but gave up before ever sewing on the pearl buttons. It just wasn’t draping properly, and it wasn’t going to. Alison took the carcass to make into a purse.



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7 responses to “the halter top: results

  1. aw… it had promise. I wish I had a picture of the first thing I ever made without a pattern. I’m pretty sure it ended life as a carcass as well. Better luck next time!

  2. SinisterBrain

    Damn, wish I had 1/2 your skills. Pick up the sewing machine this weekend, warming up by making fur-resistant throw pillows for the futon. (the ones they sell ALWAYS attract fur)

  3. Carrie

    Ooh la la! Sewing sans pattern is the best!

  4. Marge

    Sure you didn’t give up too soon? It had a lot of potential.

  5. Min

    I think it looks pretty good right now. :-)

  6. I think its really pretty! Maybe you should step away for a while and come back to it later – that always seems to work for me!

  7. I believe you have (had) a winner, here! Consider doin’ it again…and finishing it! I am considering trying it, myself!
    If that would be OK with you! I’m pretty busy right now, but
    I seriously would like to see this in a finished form! Both myself and my 22 year old daughter would love this!

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