My wheels are spinning… there’s lots of buzzing in my head, but somehow nothing is coming of it. Nothing worth blogging about. I don’t want to leave you with nothing, so…

This July, Erin and Tim are moving… to Oklahoma. Just about the same time that Dave and Jessi are moving to Chicago. While I appreciate that these are good moves for the folks directly involved, I’d like to have a very small pity party for me, starting… now. Man, I thought my 36th birthday was harsh, but 37 is shaping up to be sucktastic.

I have a ridiculous number of shoes, and yet I still can’t seem to match anything to the dresses that I’d like to wear to Viva. I’ve so far ruled out four pairs purchased specifically for Viva as unVivable for various reasons. One pair is on eBay right now, and it will likely be joined by at least one other pair. A third pair, I actually wore to work so I won’t sell those. The fourth pair, I’ll return to the seller.

Megan and Joe are convinced that they’ve found my future husband. Well, to be fair, Joe is convinced. Megan is a bit wary, but not nearly as wary as I am. You see, neither Megan nor Joe have actually met this fellow. He’s a friend of a freelancer working with Joe, and he’s basing his proposal of marriage on the fact that he heard that I dressed as HellVetica for Halloween one year. Myself? I’m not sure that a mutual affection for typography is enough to base a relationship on. In fact, I don’t think I wanna be with someone in the same field as I am. I’m self conscious enough about the quality of my work; I don’t need someone close to me being better than I am. Besides, I like to explain what I do. And, at the same time, appear to be a magician. :) Anyway, they’re very excited at the prospect of pairing me off with someone. Anyone. I know, they just want to see me happy. Blah blah blah.

I was going to respond to Marge’s current Meme Challenge today, but I’m tired. As I write this, it’s snowy and icy outside, and I really want to curl up in a warm bed and try to turn my mind off for a while.


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