The Blouse To Be

I’ve gotten as far as roughly draping fabric over my dress form (a thousand thank-yous to Erin for letting me have her old form):


So I hope it will look a little something like that, but a bit neater and more trim, by the end of the week.

I have a fab-yoo-lous vintage dress that I bought specifically to wear to Viva this year, but I forgot that the very complicated top is too big (surprise, surprise). I culled it from the list of items to pack, but Erin and Megan got pouty. Of course, Erin immediately researched Denver metro to find me a tailor whom I would trust with my vintage gear (she needs a few items altered as well), and came up with a woman who comes highly recommended. I’ll try to remember to call her tomorrow and see if we can arrange something in my ever-shorter time frame. Not only does that dress need some adjusting, but I have some jeans that would work better as capris, and a vintage dress/jacket set that is twice my size. The seamstress would have to work a miracle on that one, but I think it’s worth having her take a look.

Overall, a good weekend. I saw friends, I spent some time with my mom, I made a dent in some of the housecleaning. Both cats snuck outside, and Supercat (who can leap a 6-foot fence in a single bound) was so surprised to be on the other side of the door that he forgot what to do once he got there. If he remains oblivious, I’m happy to let him out more often. C’mon, Springtime!



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5 responses to “The Blouse To Be

  1. Marge

    Very schnazzy, nice fabric.

  2. Oooh! I lurve that fabric!

    Oh, and I’m going to see Nana tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how that goes…

  3. Ohhh nice choice of fabric! (Oh yeah, remembered I had a wordpress account)

  4. Sinister – Not that it happens frequently, but that is the gayest-sounding thing you’ve ever said.

  5. Hey, I grew up around a seamstress. Besides, since when do gender roles really matter? Doesn’t help that I’m going to grab the sewing machine when I visit Sui’s house this weekend, eh?

    Err, wait.. I mean.. the masculine thing to say would be: Want me to prove how manly I am? *grin*

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